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CNC Flat Bed Lathe price
01-03-2019, 01:37 PM
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CNC Flat Bed Lathe price
CNC turning lathe
Fu sheng Jin is is a collection research and development, manufacturing ,sales and service as one of CNC turning lathe enterprises. Our CNC turning lathe have the following features: high machining accuracy, stable processing quality.; Multi-coordinate linkage, machining complex parts; When machining parts change, it is generally necessary to change the nc program, which can save the time of production preparation; High precision and high rigidity, which can choose favorable processing amount and high productivity; High degree of automation of the machine can reduce labor intensity. Our products are exported to southeast Asia, North America, Russia and other countries, won the general customer's unanimous praise.
The following is the JW20D/30D series CNC turning lathe:
Product Name :CNC Lathe Machine
Product Item :JW-20JW-30
Machine Data
Barrel-type Chuck20 mm30 mm
Max. Swing over Bed :Ø 240 mmØ 240 mm
Swing over Cross Slide :Ø 120 mmØ 120 mm
Max. Turning Diameter:Ø 100 mmØ 100 mm
Max. Turning Length:100 mm100 mm
Max Spindle Speed :5000/6000 RPM5000/6000 RPM
Spindle Bore :Ø 20 mmØ 30 mm
number of spindle speed rangesPromisePromise
Spring collet shank26 mm36 mm
Rapid Speed of X-Axis :18 M /min18 M /min
Rapid Speed of Z-Axis :18 M /min18 M /min
Travel of X-Axis :250 mm250 mm
Travel of Z-Axis :180 mm180 mm
Drive Capacity
Main Motor :3KW(3.7 servo)3KW(3.7 servo)
Feed motor1.2KW1.2KW
Power Capacity6KW6KW
Lathe size:1300 X 1300 X 1600 mm1300 X 1300 X 1600 mm
Gross Weight :1000KGS1000KGS
● What does "Y" stand for in the CNC turning lathe system?
The numerical control lathe does not have the Y-axis and the letter Y does not appear.
The CNC turning lathe with Y-axis is usually the turning center or the milling and machining center.
The letter Y is just the Y-axis. It doesn't mean anything else.
On the CNC turning lathe, the Y-axis refers to the vertical axis.
According to the principle of coordinate determination of CNC turning lathe, Y and Z axis are known, and the Y-axis can be determined with the right hand rule.
● Is the CNC turning lathe the same as the CNC turning center?
The turning lathe is only a turning machine. The turning center is a compound processing machine, which is a turning and milling machine. It can complete complicated machining in a single clamping. Generally, the lathe has only X and Z axes, but the turning center has X, Y, Z and C, And so on, there are power tool holder.
● How to change the speed of the CNC turning lathe instructions?
M41, M42, M43, M44 Belong to the large diameter CNC turning lathe or vertical CNC turning lathe spindle shift command, each command allows the spindle to use different speed range, the machine has a mechanical shifter, through the mechanical shifter Adjust the position of the meshing gears to achieve speed change Gear to achieve different gear speed control is mainly to reduce the spindle speed to achieve large torque to generate large cutting force to facilitate the machining of large diameter parts. FANUC system of CNC turning lathe, not the same manufacturer's shift command is not the same, Taiwan and China Machine Tool M41 and M42 is the low-speed and high-speed gear instruction, the Japanese machine is M38 and M39 is the low gear and high gear instruction .
● How to set the tool of CNC turning lathe?
Different CNC system, the tool setting is not the same. GSK 980TDb tool setting is very convenient. It can be simplified according to the use of parts and fixtures.
1.The positioning surface of the Z axis for the tool parts.. Use a hard piece of paper, such as a business card, between the tip of the tool and the positioning surface to prevent a bad tip. When the tip is close to the positioning surface, shake the card back and forth until it is difficult to pull the card, and find the corresponding tool number in the tool offset page, enter Zxx. Xx or z-xx. Xx, then press "enter" key! Complete the tool setting of Z axis.
2.X-direction tool setting, if the hollow mandrel can also use the above method to rough setting. Find the corresponding tool number in the tool offset page and input Xxx.xx or X-xx.xx and press "Enter" key.
3.Test correction, then input U0.xx or U-0.xx in the tool offset page, press "Enter" key. Z axis compensation must input W0.xx or W-0.xx and press "Enter" key.
Note: X / Z is used for tool setting and U / W for offset correction.
● CNC turning lathe Cs-axis function
CS profile control in servo spindle combination dedicated detector (serial spindle), by a spindle motor positioning function. Compared with the spindle positioning (T series) higher precision and can be between the positioning and other servo axis interpolation. (that is, can order linear interpolation between spindle and servo axis).
To control the speed servo spindle (serial spindle) situation called spindle rotary control (instruction through speed spindle rotation.) to control the position servo spindle situation is called main shaft contour control (via mobile instruction to make the spindle rotation). The function of the profile control of the main shaft is CS contour control function. The spindle rotation and CS profile control switch, along with the signals from the PMC. Manual and automatic operation of CS contour control shaft, in CS profile control and general servo axis in the same way.CNC Flat Bed Lathe price
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