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Full Version: New Years C&T show?
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Is this for real? Just google-ing, and December 31st... Chris and Tad??? 2013??? Whaaaaaaaa???
This is great news! Hopefully this is true. I'm gonna find out more about this. Smile

Great find!
Yes. This is for real! Only ONE show! Last time the Chris & Tad duo played was in 2003.

Here's one hoping for a recording. Smile
we need to get a confirmed recorder for this. Send out the messenger doves to the fanbase!
I contacted couple of tapers (Seattle area). I doubt we'll get this gig recorded, but you'll never know. Smile
awww well lets hope so. I love me a bit of C&T
All the tapers I contacted already has other plans for New Year's Eve. Bummer. Sad
damn. ok well we can hope for some c&t photos at least then. Plan for next 10 years - move from UK to seattle to get to tape lots of interesting local acts as it is basically my mecca.
Review: New Year's Eve with TV's Chris and Tad and Money Jungle 12-31-13

nice review there. What I'd give to hear it all Smile
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