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Full Version: Pure Frosting (Japan pressing) on Ebay
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Bargain priced Pure Frosting (Japan Pressing) on Ebay :

Has some cool b-sides too. Let's Lynch the Landlord, George of the Jungle, Confusion and Devil in a Sleeping Bag
does the Japan version have Extra Frosting too? my version of PF doesn't, and I think the Australian version does, I'm assuming Japan would too?
There's no Extra Frosting on the Japanese edition. Extra Frosting is pretty useless, as it doesn't offer any b-sides or anything.
It's a live cd right?
pure frosting (a proposed band name) was available in australia with a 2 cool things , disk one had the multimedia like the UK version and disk 2 was a bonus/best of type of cd, featured ca plane pour moi ( a french only single) the japan edition of pure frostings has lump live and a bonus track , to my knowledge the japanese cd does not come with bonus stickers in the case like the self titled or II, but is available with OBI stip, just had a look it also has an alternative track listing to the all the other editions
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