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Full Version: Crown Victoria!
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PUSA has streamed Crown Victoria and you can listen to it on Soundcloud!

link with soundcloud and article:


"The Long Winters’ John Roderick on backup vocals"... I don't listen or have even heard of this band, but if anyone has, congrats! he's singing in this song!

what do you guys think of it? if this and Poor Little Me are the 'singles' of this album, do you think that's a good preview or does it have you more worried of if the album won't meet expectations?
i really like tiger bomb , i mean crown victoria , re expectations interested to see how it will pan out , so far you have one rockabilly tune and one easy listening tune
This definitely has some Tiger Bomb feel. Although there's some Oasis vibe as well. Like with Good Morning Tycoon I think this could use some piano/keyboards.

I'm not sure about this song yet.
out of the 2 so far i like this one more
I really dug this one! Very Tiger Bomb-esque, yes.. they even have similar drums and everything, but still manage to sound completely different. If anything, I'm glad Tiger Bomb got a "sister song", because TB is a damn fine tune. I can definitely see this one becoming one of my favorites on the new disc, but that all depends on how the rest of the material sounds, of course.

Definitely good stuff though, 100% PUSA!
(01-25-2014 09:17 PM)pusafan.net Wrote: [ -> ]out of the 2 so far i like this one more

You can listen the whole Good Morning Tycoon from this page: http://nhpr.org/post/rocker-raffi-chris-...-babypants
Kool! Listening to it right now. I guess it has a Tiger Bomb feel to it. Distance cousin at least. Long song for PUSA at 3:11. My parents had several ( Ford ) Crown Vics over the years. Never heard of John Roderick. Guess this song will grow on me too. Why not...it's PUSA.
Absolutely love the tune. It took a while to figure out what sound it reminded me of... Was also thinking Oasis and Blur at first and then realised the chorus sounded like Manic Street Preachers. Tiger Bomb was the PUSA tune I was unable to put my finger on so thanks mike for solving that!!

Everything so far sounds great! I hope they release a few more songs streaming before the release date, as it's a nice way to get into the album. Actually I had a dream last night that the album was already on Spotify. Wish I could recall better what the songs sounded like as it would have been interesting to compare the dream versions to the actual versions once the album comes out.
It's funny. I thought about large orchestra behind this song, and just discovered that there's "orchestra" version of this song available:
http://www.gettyimages.fi/Music/Search?m...ictoria%22 (aka original demos?)
I was also thinking Tiger Bomb! I prefer the fast and heavy stuff, but still like all of it. So happy, I'm stoked for the new album to drop!
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