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Full Version: Gig alert! PUSA 2013-09-08 - FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland, US
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"Will the Cleveland Browns rock this year? Time will tell. But the Presidents of the United States of America will make sure "Cleveland Rocks" during the football home opener Sunday.

The Seattle trio, famous for songs like “Peaches,” “Lump,” and “Mach 5” – also very famously covered Ian Hunter’s “Cleveland Rocks” for the Drew Carey Show. During halftime of the Browns-Dolphins game, they’ll play some hits and, of course, “Cleveland Rocks.”"

Source: Cleveland.com
info lifted from wikipedia

The song was covered in 1997 by The Presidents of the United States of America as the opening theme of the television program The Drew Carey Show, a situation comedy set in Cleveland. It accompanied a lavish opening sequence in which the cast lip-synced the song while performing elaborate choreography. The band covered the entire song, but only part of it was used for the Drew Carey theme. At the beginning of the recording, Drew Carey (a native of Cleveland) can be heard saying "Hey!" and then laughing, and at the end shouting "Ohio!" to an echoing effect. The latter soundbite appears in both the theme song and the full-length version of the song, and is a direct remake of the original, which has a similar "Ohio!" soundbyte at the end. The song is a track on the album Cleveland Rocks! Music From The Drew Carey Show as well as on the band's compilation Pure Frosting.
This version has been played after home victories by the Cleveland Indians, and Cleveland Cavaliers at their respective stadium/arena since it came out, as well as after home victories by the Cleveland Browns after their home stadium opened.
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