iHerb Black Friday Coupon – November!

November iHerb “Black Friday” Coupon Code

iherb black friday

Works with existing customers too!

If you have been looking for a right time to jump in to iHerb. Now it’s the time. 10% OFF is the best deal for this year. This offer is valid for the old customers too. Code is repeatable, so you can use the coupon code YUY952 with every order! During the limited campaign time it gives you the 10% off, and after that it’s worth 5% again.

Not only that, with the link new customers also gets an extra 5 dollars OFF, when the order value is over 40 dollars (excluding shipping)

On the previous years Iherb hasn’t been active with the whole Black Friday thing. I remember them saying that they always have lower costs anyway. This year is a bit different, and maybe in 2018 we’ll see this again, and with Black Friday mentioned.

Add the Coupon Code YUY952 to Your Cart

Shipping Saver – Free Shipping?

It’s also good time to remind about the Shipping Saver products. In best cases you can get totally free international shipping. Shipping saver products are smaller packages, like b-12 vitamin, make-up, vitamin D3, and so on. There items are marked with a Shipping Saver logo:

iherb shipping saver

My coupon code YUY952, is reusable. Work with both new and old customers.

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