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What to buy from iHerb.com – My Personal Favorites

Iherb carries over 35 000 products, and finding the good stuff is not very easy. I always hunt for new supplements and products that I can try out. Here’s a list of products that I have found great over the years. List is not in any “best to worst” order. Some products are very well known, and some not. Maybe there is something you’ll want to try out too.

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Reishi Coffee:

Longreen Corporation’s Reishi Coffee is the product that I bought the most from iHerb. I think I have ordered this more than 30 times! Just writing this makes me want to drink one more cup! Hands down the best instant coffee there is. Yes, this taste very strange at first, but my personal favorite. I won’t serve this to quests! 😀  This is also a shipping saver product (lower overall shipping cost). Some Shipping Saver products gives a totally free shipping (worldwide)

Magnesium Citrate

How one can survive without magnesium is beyond me. Having muscle cramps? problems to relax? To me magnesium is the supplement that has to be in the medical cabinet…always!

Vitamin D3

If you don’t get enough sun. D3 is essential. Doctor’s Best Vitamin D3 offers great price and quality ratio.

Methylcobalamin B-12

Does it feel like your are little foggy during the day. To me B-12 gives a help when I’m having a foggy mind. Getting instant boost with this one. I only take this maybe once or twice a week, as I find the product little expensive.

Joint Health

Pretty much all the joint health “goodies” in one box. It does help with joint pain, but you’ll notice the difference after you have taking this daily for 30 days. Not the cheapest way, but if you are lazy like me, then you’ll surely enjoy this product.

Fish Oil – Omega 3s:

Keeping away heart problems. I don’t like to eat fish much, so I’m “cheating” with this one. One of the rare Madre Labs products that are actually cheap!


Should be great for your skin, but I’m actually taking this to keep my energy up. I don’t take this before the bed time, or I won’t get any sleep.


When I’m having troubles to fall a sleep or feeling restless at night. Melatonin is a natural sleep aid.

Meal Replacement:

One of the few protein shakes that taste OK with just water (superb with milk). Naturade’s vanilla shake is a really great meal replacement drink with a bargain price.


Maximum strength. I suggest cutting these to half, making this a real bargain, as it’s much more cheaper than other brands offering 5000mcg Biotin. Also a Shipping Saver product. Reduced shipping cost!

Chili Sauce

Only chili sauce I use. One bottle last a really long time.


There’s no smokers’ in our family, but the smokers’ white gives a great whiter teeth. Same goes with the coffee drinkers’ version (I do drink a lot of coffee). Both products are also a Shipping Saver products. Helps to keep the shipping cost low.

Garlic Powder

Best quality garlic powder we have used. Fits to almost everything. Always good to have this handy.

Instant Coffee:

Organic instant coffee with real coffee taste. Quests always ask about this coffee. It’s really that good.

Sambucus :

When you’re having a flu, and you want something to relief the symptoms, make sure you got at least one package of these lozenges. Not very cheap, but I’d call these as “lifesavers”.

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