Month: February 2010 updated

– Nice amount of new shows added. Starting from 1993!  posters, tickets, photos, setlists, details… Some bandography updates, and couple of new articles added to media section. Oh and ASCII  pusabase text from frontpage had to leave.  Some search engines does not like it. 🙁  Gotta find something else to spice the frontpage up. Next

The Presidents of the United States of America – 101x In Studio (SXSW) – 2008 (PUSA)

Great two song semi-acoustic performance. Chris Ballew plays an electric basitar, and Andrew McKeag plays an acoustic guitbass… sound mix is pretty bad. Let’s not talk about the audience (never seen such a hostile group in my life. I was 99% sure that the bottles and rocks would start to fly…) Oh, and Jason makes