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Next TFH video is…

…Goodbye Sunny photo from The Feelings Hijackers (Chris Ballew & Outtasite) video “Goodbye Sunny” should be out on June 22, 2011. Video is directed by Dmitri Antos & Phillip Harvey. “Goodbye Sunny” is equally visually stimulating and clever. The video is full of zany and purposefully cheesy effects that are as funny as they

The Feelings Hijackers on Much Music & MTV

The Feelings Hijackers (Chris Ballew & Outtasite) video Soul Rollin’ is getting some recognition on MTV & Much Music sites. TFH on MTV. TFH on Much Music Believe it or not, but this site does not write it self. 🙂 Support pusabase and buy your health products from, and get a 5 dollar discount

The Feelings Hijackers – Soul Rollin’ – New Video Is Up!

First official The Feelings Hijackers (TFH) video is up…Soul Rolling! Taken from their new album SupeRecord (Magmata Records, 2011). The Feelings Hijackers: Chris Ballew (Presidents of the USA, Caspar Babypants) Outtasite (Outtasite, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Subset) Album: SupeRecord Magmata Records Directed By: Dmitri Antos & Phillip Harvey Magmata Studios Believe it or not, but this site

TFH – SupeRecord now on Spotify

I added my request about adding new The Feelings Hijackers album SupeRecord on Monday (Jan. 31) and it got added today to Spotify’s selection! Spotify album link Visit “What countries is Spotify available in? Spotify is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands. We hope to launch in