More Bad Times – Official Video

New video is up on the official Presidents site:… Too bad you can’t directly link to the video. It’s now on front page…but how long? At least you can directly download it in FLV format Download right click (save as). Hopefully it will be on YouTube at some point. Overall it’s a pretty good video. Although, I think you could add any song over that video, as there really isn’t anything related to “More Bad Times” song… Or maybe it’s just me.

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Small update to PUSAbase site

As HTML “code” wise, latest update is rather large. I had to revamp every page on the site. Lots of cleaning, and hopefully the code is now better for search engines. Pretty much the whole PUSAbase site is done by hand. I absolutely hate automated code, it’s bloated (Why should pages take 10-100x more space, and look just the same) and hard to edit afterwards… Notepad ftw.

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Andrew Interviewed….again

How i manage to find these interviews? Well, it’s beyond me. I was checking out my iGoogle frontpage (which happens to have various music feeds), and there was something about a new online music ranking service called We Are Hunted. Of course i had to type Presidents Of just to see what it gives… This interview was the first hit Countdown: 10 Questions w/ The Presidents of the United States of America And luckily it’s a recent one. I still need to figure what the “We Are Hunted” is.

Interview basically has those ten-most-generic-questions-you-could-ask-from-the-presidents, but the site has pretty colors…

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PUSAbase – Weekly Update – April 18

Not that many new shows, but plenty of other stuff was added. (I’d say around 20 pages). Hopefully someone finds the new upload feature on contact page useful. Go to PUSAbase to check ’em out…

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