Presidents Of The USA – Kudos To You! Album details!!!

Presidents Of The USA – Kudos To You! – Track list!

The_Presidents_Of_The_USA_Kudos_to_You_album_cover_art2014 brings Kudos To You!, the 7th full length studio album from Seattle’s The Presidents Of The United States Of America. Since 1994, PUSA has been spreading their skewed and joyous brand of pop to audiences the world over.

PUSA has no idea where this album came from.

As “full-time part-timers”, PUSA had thought themselves to be “post album”, enjoying a relaxed and limited touring schedule combined with liberal hammock time. When they booked two days with their longtime producer and FOH engineer MARTIN FEVEYEAR last October there were no expectations, and no material other than Singer Chris Ballew’s notebook. WHOOPS things got out of hand, and a month later Kudos To You! was tracked, necessitating changing their annual PUSAFEST shows in Portland and Seattle to record-release shows. Zing!

Kudos To You! is a happy mix of old, new, and brand spanking new, that should hit right at the soft tissue of PUSA fans old and new. Ok, mostly old, but still it’s a fun listen and should eventually be purchased by everyone on the planet.

12. OHIO


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New PUSA song Poor Little Me from the Kudos To You album

The Presidents Of The USA – Kudos To You album cover released + New song “Poor Little ME” available for FREE!


The Presidents have posted a new update over the PledeMusic site, and there’s a link to the new song called “Poor Little” me, site says it’s exclusive to pledgers, BUT you can download the song for FREE by using PledgeMusic widget (see the download part).

Review: Poor Little Me

Chris Ballew has stack of demo tapes he have recorded since 80’s. When the Presidents go to the Studio, and start recording a new material, they’ll listen those tapes, and see if there’s something they could re-record.

Poor Little Me originates from an EGG tape “Smell Me Fist” from the late 80’s. This new 2014 version of Poor Little Me is nicely PUSAfied. I’m sure everyone will like it over the original demo.

“Chris sings ‘Kiss off boots!’ instead of ‘f*ck off boots’ lol that’s the best bit of the original.” – chrisballewrocks (from Pusa forum)

It’s catchy as any other PUSA song there is. Starts of with a yell (I won’t spoil you what the yell is), and studio laughter. Jason Finn kicks off some George Of The Jungle style of drumming,  and the song has some country vibe and little bit of Highway Forever mixed in. After the intro I simply can’t stop smiling, the boys are back!

Poor Little Me has a bit too obscure song structure to have a radio potential. It’s the first PUSA track to have a slide guitar? Surely the first one that has Bo Diddley beat? The Bo Diddle beat part could go little longer, but maybe the live version will have an extended part or simply use it as a bridge to another song. But that’s a different story….

Anyways…Poor Little Me is a great teaser track that makes you wanna hear more.

I will give this a score of 4,5/5

Download MP3:

Presidents of the USA – Poor Little Me (2014)

Listen Original Demo MP3:

Egg – Poor Little Me (Original demo version)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

This can’t be the last PUSA album. Surely the tank isn’t empty. There’s just too many great catchy songs hiding inside the vaults. Driving Rain, Emotional Cowboys, Find My Tribe, Happy Home, Memory Ball, Mr. Microphone, Joe (the Ice Cream man)…comes to my mind. Who knows, maybe one or two ends up to the “Kudos To You” album. If not, I’ll try to put some mp3 teasers later on (but don’t hold your breath) from the tapes I have.

No, I don’t have key(s) to the vault. I have used cold hard cash to obtain some rare tapes. :)

Want to talk about this album with other fans? Check out PUSA board!

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Presidents of the USA 2014 Tour Dates and New PUSA album

New Presidents of the USA album is getting ready – 2014 tour dates!


The Presidents of the USA fansite PUSAbase is getting active again. Most of the concert pages got updated recently with tons of posters, ticket scans, photos and more info. Early years got most of the attention. I’m going to continue to work with the site. Life has gotten my way, but I’m still here. So, please send missing concert and any other PUSA info.

Of course one of the reasons why the Pusabase is active one again, is the fact that there’s a new presidential album coming, and a tour! So far we’ll only know about the Pusafest 2014 dates, and the European Tour dates. I’m sure there are more concert dates to follow.

What about the album? All the tracks should have been recorded, and now it’s about mixing and mastering. When the mastering is done, we’ll should hear some teasers! No track list info yet. Some songs that have been recorded in studio includes; Finger Monster (unreleased b-side from mid 90’s). Poor Little Me (a Duke’s O’Pop song), and Electric Spider (The Feelings Hijackers). Album should be out in February, 2014. You can follow the recording process at and of course pre-order your copy, and other stuff.

Last, but not least! Don’t forget to join Pusabase forum! The place to chat with other PUSA fans. :)

Oh, and one more thing. Make sure you don’t miss the return of TV’s Chris & Tad! After 10 years they are going to play ONE gig at the Darrell’s Tavern in Shoreline, Washington. It’s a NYE gig (2013-12-31)!

Chris and Tad is Chris Ballew from the Presidents of the Unites States of America and Tad Hutchison from the Young Fresh Fellows.

Presidents of the USA – 2014 PUSAfest concerts:

2014-02-14 – Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon, USA
2014-02-15 – Showbox at the Market, Seattle, USA
2014-02-16 (early show) – The Triple Door, Seattle, Washington, USA
2014-02-16 (late show) – The Triple Door, Seattle, Washington, USA

Presidents of the USA – 2014 European tour dates:

2014-02-20 – Utrecht, Tivoli, Netherlands
2014-02-21 – Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen, Netherlands
2014-02-23 – Concorde 2, Brighton, East Sussex, UK
2014-02-24 – East Village Arts Club, Liverpool, UK
2014-02-25 – O2 Academy, Newcastle, UK
2014-02-27 – O2 Academy Leeds, Leeds, UK
2014-02-28 – Rock City, Nottingham, UK

2014-03-01 – O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK

TV’s Chris and Tad:

2013-12-31 – Darrell’s Tavern, Shoreline, WA, USA

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Presidents of the USA – PledgeMusic rant

The Presidents Of The United States Of America? – PledgeMusic rant:

Presidents of the USA

Remember when I said, that I won’t be buying this The Presidents Of The United States Of America? pledge thing…Well… I just bought the two CD set for 37$, because these albums won’t go to retail stores (I hope this is true).

At least I now get the “updates”, would be stupid to run a fansite, and not able to provide any news. :)

However I still find this Pledgemusic thing to be a real rip-off. 51 bucks for a vinyl…seriously? (+24% of taxes) Other artists have the same prices, so it’s not just the PUSA.

Remember the Freaked Out And Small special edition? That gave something to fans with a fair price, this stuff doesn’t.

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