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PUSA Torrent alert! – PUSAfest & EMP

Couple of Presidents of the USA torrents appeared last weekend. Torrent 1 – PUSA Showbox February 20, 2011 (PUSAfest) 1. Lunatic to Love 2. Dune Buggy 3. Boll Weevil 4. Some Postman 5. Ladybug 6. Ghosts are Everywhere 7. Jennifer’s jacket 8. Lump 9. Shreds of Boa 10. Bath of Fire 11. Froggie 12. Sharpen

PUSA & Nirvana’s Nevermind album

Presidents of the United States of America to play Nirvana song at EMP PUSA will be playing at EMP’s “Nevermind Live in Sky Church: A Benefit Show” too. Krist Novoselic: I am performing a Nevermind song with PUSA at the EMP on 9/20 not the whole album! Look forward to the event to help @susietennant