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Rarity Of The Day #14 – Thursday (Morphine)

Rarity Of The Day #14 – Presidents of the USA – Thursday (Morphine cover) PUSA playing Thursday by the Morphine. Andrew is badly out of tune at the beginning, making this even more fun. 🙂 The Presidents Of The United States Of America – Thursday (Morphine cover) 2005-10-04 – The Fillmore New York at Irving

Rarity Of The Day #13 – Ca Plane Pour Moi

Rarity Of The Day #13 – Presidents of the USA – Ca Plane Pour Moi (cover) – Live See Wikipedia for more info about the original song, while enjoying this PUSA rarity. Studio version was released on French single “Ca Plane Pour Moi” (three different versions of this single is circulating), and also on Presidents