Giraffes - Chocolate Dimension - Lyrics

Giraffes is Chris Ballew's (Presidents / PUSA) solo project.

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Giraffes (Chris Ballew from Presidents Of The USA / PUSA) - 13 Other Dimensions - Album lyrics

Chocolate Dimension

you know theres other dimensions...somewhere else
I'm in a chocolate my self
covered in lavander lotion...below the belt
an underbelly my self
a candy coated position...make it melt
I'm in a gooey location...cozy under the felt
swimming in jello vibrations...nothing else
I'm in a chocolate my self
you know theres other dimensions...somewhere else
I'm in a chocolate myself
(did I mention dimensions?)
Lonely Chicken
the lonely gotta be...the lonely chicken
sitting lonely in the dirt...broken beak and boy does it hurt
and lonely chicken if you get the chance
you gotta bust right through the fence
how do you think that chicken feel ?
the perfect packaged ani-meal
and bony chicken dont you lay no eggs
until they give you back your legs
choke on tears and try to speak
they seared and sealed your tiny beak
take this guitar.....
tore his carcass from the tree
and now the chickens soul is free
lonely bird there on the street
looks for love to trade for meat
poor thing then lost its brain
and now its gone slowly insane
chicken lying in the sun....I just can' you

Hopeless (Rub It In)

I was born in the wrong time...I was born in the wrong year
1879...I'd love to find myself here
I'd pound the vaudville piano so sweet
the crowd would shed a tear
it's hopeless oh so hopeless so rub it in
vince guraraldis genuis
is a low slow flow that comes between us
piano floats around...3 feet off the ground
how could I ever make that soft and small and slow and
soothing sound...
it's hopeless oh so hopeless so rub it in
bought me a mansion of glass
and stuck it in the dark green grass
spider slept inside..a cockroach crept around and cried
they loved each other once and now they have to
slink around and hide
I want somebody to love I do not want these cloudy days

Every Crocodile

every crocodile has got to go...away and die someday
underneath a palm tree...I'm safe and sleepulating
had fun all of the day...the sun is done deflating
those stars are startin I'm diggin with a worm
we found a rotton body...all covered up with germs
every crocodile has got to go...away and die someday
aliens are coming...they'll wipe out all the life...systematicly
and we knew enough...enough to hug each other
we sat on some lonely tracks...waiting for the inevitable
ten ton train truckin round...they picked us up and said
every crocodile has got to go...away and die someday

Comin Around

theres a budwieser can stuck to the floor
theres mold on this old cold applecore
theres a cigarette butt washing up on the shore
theres a rock hard noodle I didn't notice before
I'd buy another one of you at the store
I used up all of my love you used the knob on the door

Nuthing 2 Looz

when I was a baby by the side of the road
a cloud came over me and covered up your moldy ghost
rode a broken parachute and landed on a dancing deer
I saw a sawtooth crab and sawtooth crabs don't live round here
a blind albino told me stories in the moonlight
I made a bed of skin and zip-zip-zipped it up real tight
I killed a bird and made a saddle out of bird feathers
I shoved the saddle on a spider made of black leather
picked a screamin monkey up gently by the monkey finger
I had a lamby but the lamby loved to lie and linger
bacame buddies with a shotgun but the shotgun shot me
I stabbed a llama twice and crawled inside its warm body

Brain On Yer Tounge

but can you stop before your done

but can you stop before you're through
the ghost was scarred by the boo
you got a classic disaster now too
and you got no one to talk to
speaker phone superglued...and massivly out of tune too
calling me up at strange hours in the morning to talk
you got those big little eyes...they stare at the sand
you're in up over your shoulders now...a claustaphobical clam
bust out the brand new in the tv dinner
you can swimaround underground
you're not that good of a swimmer (I've seen you)

Little Champion ones got your number no one's got your number
little've hit the top of topper...
most and you can make it without stopping
someone take a will last longer it will never
get any to give it up now turn away from
the challanger and let her...have a little victory celebration
everybody...gets a chance to tell us thier own story
and have thier little moment underneath the spotlight with the referee
saying heres the champion...sitting at the center
of the stormy...celebration...
you're my little champion...someone to believe in (now you're leavin)

Pale Moon

listen to the puget sound...noon day sun hung upside down
clouds all cry when the clock strikes 12
so keep that made up mating moo to yourself...underneath the...
julie the junebug kissed her own arm
stretched out naked and far from harm
she slid between some secret dreams
spiders slowly spin silk sweaters just for she...underneath the...
little miss millipede cant run away
the clouds all cried and shes stuck in the clay
flick her free and dry her on a rock
10,000 toes inside a toasty winter sock...underneath the...

Ghost Of A Bad Friend

check out that cocky crowd of crows
swooping over the stinky snow
on vacation those black birds go
mellow down easy on a lava flow
sit around squakin bout all they know
and they notice that thier feet are frozen in the snow
where is that wiley little worm you found
lyin face down on the wet brown ground
tunnel a tube straight underground...plug that little worm
into distortion pedals and he doesn't make a sound
just a little upside down frown
check out that bunny with the sick fat tumor
busy ducking punches and dodgin dirty rumors
evening magazine show up at his hole
and catches that bunny with the money that he stole
can't find an explanation for the way
he got rich as a rabbit in a day
Slow Slow Fly
hey miss monkey dont get all upset
shaved off your fur and yer drippin soakin wet
take a thigh bone and crash it on a rock
wiggle your toes inside a toasty winter sock
dry your eyes all over me
cause I'm a skinny winner and I do as I please
I grab a cab and take a cross country trip
so please pass the pain through the cut on your lip and then..
throw a bone into the middle of a long long time
I open up my hand and...
smack dab in the middle is a slow slow fly
hey jaspy jasper where the hell are you?
out walking the doggies and pickin up the poo
you got to pick up the poo and put it in a sack
and sling that sack right over your back and then...

Poodle Mouth

poddle mouth talkin bout a life of leisure
poodle mouth blabber till you have yourself a seizure
spred it around slip a diamond ring on yer pinky claw
poodle mouth get the pliers and I'll wire shut your jabber-jaw
keep it down...
poodle mouth nothing about you is appealing
poodle mouth curdle up the conversational feeling
ferocious frown frozen over from yesterday
poodle mouth never will you ever have nothing to say
settle down...
poodle mouth candy coated trumpet
blasting out faster than a pump could pump it
sloppy sound amplified moldy and simple
squirtin it out I been waitin all day for a pass from a dribble

Wither Without You

this rivers rotten at the bottom hot and stinkin
and all the cactuses in texas couldn't drink it
I wade in right up to my hip and sip the water
I missed the fish upon my dish until I caught her
you need an engine in a race car to win races
get rid of gravity for rockets out in spaces
bust open molecules and they leave tiny traces
it's like my run of clubs to you four smiling aces

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