Caspar Babypants - What If? (Demo)- Lyrics

Caspar Babypants is Chris Ballew from The Presidents Of The USA (aka PUSA)

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once upon a time there was a smart old crow
and all the animals in the forest could come to him
to ask about anyting that they were worried about
one day a tiny black beetle came and said

what if a bird carries me away?
watch the skies and hide in the hay
what if I get lost and start to cry?
wait for the sun to make your tears all dry
what if I get scared and cant go to sleep?
think about fun and dont make a peep
what if I cant find a friend?
graba pinecone and just pretend

what if?
wa wa wa wa wa what if?
everybody wonders what if?
wa wa wa wa wa what if?

the smart old crow was there in the same tree
everyday waiting to answer all the creatures questions
and then one day out of the woods
came a big ferocious bear! and in a tiny voice he said:

what if I cant be scary enough?
it dont mean your not strong and tough
what if my cubs wont snarl and growl?
listen to the wolf and teach em how to howl
what if im nervous to climb a tree?
start with a bush and you will see
what if the nighttime makes me sad?
the sun is comin round to make you glad

then one day along came a really strange creature
the old crow knew this thing would have
lots of interesting fantastical questions
and sure enough it did! it was a human baby and it said:

what if I cant teach a tiger to dance?
take him to a disco in the middle of France
what if I cant go to the moon?
you can in your dreams at night in June
what if I needa squeeze and nobodys there?
you could hug this beetle or hug this bear
what if my mom and dad go away?
youre the one whos gonna wanna go someday

and the beetle and the bear and the baby all
lay down after asking all these questions
and got so sleepy they drifted off
and had the best sleep ever....the end
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