EGG - Emotional Cowboy - Lyrics

A Kinder Gentler Genocide (7" V/A compilation), (WEKGG 01-7), Wasted Effort. 1990

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Let me tell you a story about a cowboy with a heart
tried being mean but he just didn't fit the part

he tried looking though smoking cigarettes and killing cows
he tried over emphasizing and womanizing but it wasn't his somehow
his friends all wanted him to come out and play
they were roping things and spitting when he saw his father's grave
and he started to wonder about death and thought "would he survive"
then he suddenly knew the secret and he felt more alive

he's just an emotional cowboy
with questions on his mind
an existential hombre
and he can't help wonder why why why

his friends are still out roping everything from deers to baboons
but this poor kid stays home watching tom and jerry cartoons
then later in the 80's it got to be too much to take
and the cowboy drove his horse off a cliff and into a lake
they never found him they just left him there
this ends the story of the cowboy who cared
so next time you go to see a western movie matinee
think of cowpokes as poets and you'll know why i say
that the cowboy may be gone and his voice is layed to rest
but don't be surprised if his name turns up on a philosophy test


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