The Presidents Of The United States Of America (PUSA) - Movin' In - Lyrics

Chris Ballew, Andrew McKeag and Jason Finn.

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Two months after Santa's sleigh
Change has come to USA
Bringing a new dawn again
Today Obama's moving in

"Yes we can['s]" now "Yes we did"
Capping an historic bid
We got the yard sign and the pin
Today Obama's moving in

Finally, November came
Bigger than a playoff game
Stuck it out, got the win
Today Obama's moving in

Filling up the voter roles
Record numbers to the polls
Young and old and fat and thin
Today Obama's moving in

Toe-to-toe with Hillary
Sounded like an enemy
Now they're friends and she's at State
Today Obama's feeling great

The GOP sent their A-game
Palin and old what's-his-name
Bad year for Republicans
Today Obama's moving in

Blogoshpere without a pause
Truth, Digg, Drudge, and Daily Kos
Red State and Politico
Until our little heads explode

Alan Colmes or Hannity
Blaring hour after hour

Campaign season was no fun
Iowa to Oregon
Frazzled nerves were wearing thin
Obama's finally moving in

He's moving in!
Obama is moving in
Obama is moving in
Obama is moving in
Obama is moving in

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