SUbSET - Beach Rats - Lyrics

Subset is a collaboration between The Presidents Of The USA members (Chris Ballew, Dave Dederer, and Jason Finn), and Sir Mix-A-Lot

See Chris Ballew's Bandography for more details

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Bet y'all didn't know rats could surf

here we go, rolling to a town that we don't know. sitting hella low g s fo' double O.
scooting up the one-oh-one california sun, big mix can't get nothin' done. pushin' about two-five, coming up the hard rock. hell no mix i was ready to knock.
see my sister named carla - "baby what you doing in santa barbara?"
five-six with a blond weave and blue contacts with sandy kness.
baby what you been doing, that culture shock got ya' ruined.
i'm a take advantage of the situation, have a little relations.
oh rich folks ain't all that, cause

Santa Barbara Got Rats -- Beach Rats
Santa Barbara Got Rats -- Big Old Beach Rats

I ain't with these blue eyeballs and this gold hat but i like that stack.
Baby come to daa-daa with your jogging suit and your pasta.
she's a health nut and i'm a fat ass, but i wants that ass.
the stereotype has been cracked, cause

Santa Barbara Got Rats -- Beach Rats (yeah, rich rodents, yeah)
Santa Barbara Got Rats -- Big Old Beach Rats

Shake it down!

now it ain't nothing wrong with a pair of platform shoes
and a few loose screws with a slight knee bruise.
we cruise looking for the dumdums to hum hum on this yum yum.
carla's just my type maybe not that bright kinda late with the idea like.
plus she got a big shot daddy he wrote prop 209 so he happy.
but guess who's coming to dinner, some big rap guy front and center.
it ain't what you do, girl, it's who you do, so let's do the do.
and drop your surfboard, jump in the lexo, don't make a mess though.
headed for the ho ho, on the flo' though, we'll go go like that-

Santa Barbara Got Rats -- (yeah, they got 'em) Beach Rats (right on the coastline)
Santa Barbara Got Rats -- Big Old Beach Rats

To the bridge!

Let me jump up on this rodent!

Ride that beach rat, ride mix ride! x4

Yea, from the coastline to the ghettos
from the condos to the mobile homes
from the upscale to the trailer trash
rats don't change, rat's don't change

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