Presidents of the USA's three stringed guitbass player Dave Dederer has enlisted the help of Radio Undercover to inspire lead singer Chris Ballew to get back on the road and down to Australia (or for that matter, anywhere in the world).

"I'm begging your readers, I want to enlist their help." Dave pleaded to Undercover news. "Chris cruises the web and has lots of pen pals. There are some web sites under his name. Find those and write him a note and tell him we need to come to Australia. I've done everything that I can to light a fire under his ass and I haven't said the right words yet."

Undercover hereby dedicates the following email address to be used as a petition to get PUSA back on the road. Click on and order Chris back on the road.

The Presidents broke up a few years back but reformed earlier this year as The Quitters. They quickly found out they couldn't use that name and have reverted back to using The Presidents. "I liked the Quitters but apparently there's some band in Syracuse New York called The Quitters and they are extremely fond of their name. They found out we were using it and told us in no uncertain terms to stop. We liked the names The Quitters and if they hadn't of called us on it we would have kept using it" Dave said.

So far though, Dave can't get a full time commitment out of Chris and Jason for the band. "Chris has a solo band called the Giraffes that he's very invested in right now, Jason's in like five different bands and I'm into bike racing."

The Presidents are currently releasing new material through web site and Dave says they want a label in Australia and would really like that to be Sony. "We liked Denis and we got along great with everyone at Sony Australia. Sony Australia is run better than any other territory in the world I think, cause we dealt with all of them at some point and I have to say Sony Australia was the best. Even better than the U.S. I think. Really nice people with their shit together. They do a nice job. So Denis if you are reading this, give us a ring."


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