Chris Ballew Interview (2007)

By David Lyda - 04-25-07

1) The people want to know... what have the Presidents been up to?
We are writing a new album!!! WEEEE!!! it is great...strong songs and
having fun fun fun.
2) Do you have a certain process for writing songs?
Its a new one this time...get together every tues wed and thurs and
just do it and record the ideas on a 4-track tape deck/ then I take the
4-track home and mess with the songs a bit and send the boys MP3s and
we get to hear what we are doing. I know this is kinda common for other
bands but we have never done it so it is new for us.
3) Most of the Presidents albums (sans "Freaked Out and Small") have
featured the guitbass and basitar. Are the new songs going to be
strictly one way or the other?
strictly basitar and guitbass this time...but with a new guitbass that
is tuned an octave higher and acoustic added on some stuff...
4) This will be the first album with touring guitbassist Andrew
McKeag. Should we expect any new dynamics on the record?
MO ROK N ROL!!!! I am so into andrwews style...loose and melodic and
soulful and crazy all at the same time...
5) Will Dave Dederer be contributing to any tracks?
nope..he has fully moved on.
6) You've had some big name guest stars on previous albums (Kim Thayil from Soundgarden and Duff McKagan from Velvet Revolver to name a few). Will there be any guests on the new album? Maybe the "Angry Chef"?
oooo thats a really good idea....hadnt thought about that yet....just
partied in ellensburg with the angry chef last week and he went
mental...maybe Ed Vedder can croon for us this time....
7) When should we expect the new album to hit the stores?
Not sure...either Fall or after xmas I suppose...depends on when we get
all done with it....we are tracking and mixing in June
8) What are your touring plans for the rest of the year and after the
release of the new album?
wow I dont know...I think europe next summer and east and west coast in
the fall but otherwise we see where the offers are and respond to
that...we still are not going to be that 6-8 week touring machine that
we were in the old days...just not gonna do it...kills the love
9) Many fans out there don't realize that rock stars are people too.
They do everyday things just like the rest of us. You're a rock star
Chris. What type of toothpaste do you use?
CREST!!!! I strayed once 15 years ago and got 5 surface cavities from
baking soda toothpaste...went back to creat and nothing bad since...I
10) Any final thoughts?
Thanks a lot for taking the time to speak to the people!
Thanks to the people for giving a flying poop!
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