Chris Ballew Mini-Interview by

September 1st, 2009

First ever interview….short, but sweet!:

Pusabase: Is the new track “This Is a Blitz” planned to be played on future PUSA shows?

CB: We might play it if all goes well with the game performance on thursday. Although it did take us 14 years to get around to playing Cleveland Rocks live (which we are doing now) so dont hod our breath!

Pusabase: I’ve read from your blog that a new Caspar Babypants album is coming out mid November? What can we expect, and does it have any old PUSA songs reworked?

CB: The new Caspar album will not have any pusa tracks on it simple because I have SO many new songs written for it that I have no room! But we do a cool little version of Kitty live and have plans to add Ladybug and Dune Buggy in there in the future. I am thinking about a whole album of Caspar doing PUSA eventually…but later down the road.

Pusabase: What is the story behind The Young Fresh Fellows album “I Think This Is”? You are credited on three tracks: “Used to Think All Things Could Happen”, “Your Mexican Restaurant”, and “Shake Your Magazines”

CB: All of those YFF songs are songs I wrote with Tad (the drummer in YFF) as Chris and Tad. When it came time for the Fellows to record Tad brought in a bunch of C and T songs and some of them worked! I cant tell you how proud I am to contribute to a YFF record and especially one that Robyn Hitchcock produced…they are all my heros.

Pusabase: Any plans on re-releasing PUSA – II album with a bonus material?

CB: There are no plans to release II with bonus stuff because we dont own that record SONY does. Too legally complicated at this point. We have considered rerecording that whole record so we can own it but thats too hard!

Pusabase: Alrighteous… Although the II album could have an additional CD, like: “II the missing CD”, which only contains the bonus material. =)

CB: that is something to consider…but really there are not that many B-sides from that era because we used alot of the songs from the debut era for the record itself…so there just isnt really anything except demos of the tracks on the record…

…and hopefully more to come.


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