Presidents, Mix-A-Lot Form Subset

Yahoo! Music, Mar 22, 2000 12:00 pm PST

Subset is a new band featuring all three members of Presidents Of The United States of America -- Dave Dederer, Chris Ballew, and Jason Finn -- plus rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot, who was famous for the early '90s hit "Baby Got Back." The band is currently on tour and will release an album sometime in May.

Ballew tells LAUNCH how the unlikely pairing came together. "We wanted to try to do something that was definitely not going to work -- just kidding -- just to see what it feels like to not work. I don't know, we just wanna make music."

Sir Mix-A-Lot adds, "Somebody suggested that we do a cover and I didn't want to do a cover. They didn't want to do a cover. We hooked up at a restaurant and talked about the business and songs and how we hated the business but how we still loved doing music. And we did a song about it, and did it live on stage about a year-and-a-half, two years ago and the crowd went nuts, and we just stuck with it. And at the time, we didn't have a name for the group -- nothing. We were just doing songs and that's the way music is supposed to be. You know, lately it's so much of this manufactured, factory-type sh-t that it is kind of irritating. But, no, we just wanted to do music for the right reasons again."

This isn't the first time Mix-A-Lot has visited the rock world. He teamed up with Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield for the 1997 Televoid video/music project, which was nominated for a long-form video Grammy Award.

Subset is touring the West Coast and the group is scheduled to perform today (March 22) at the Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas. The tour runs through April 1 in San Jose, Calif.

-- Darren Davis, New York, and Soren Baker, Los Angeles
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