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PUSABASE - PUSA Concert & Tour Details

Pusabase is a tour history site for the Seattle band: The Presidents Of The United States Of America (also known as PUSA, The Presidents of the USA or POTUSA) and it's band members: Chris Ballew, Jason Finn, Andrew McKeag & Dave Dederer.

The fully formed Presidents of the USA played their first gig at Seattle in 1993, but from this site you can find all the PUSA members band concert histories starting from 1975! Concert pages are filled with huge amount of details: Including set lists, posters, tickets, photos, reviews, videos and any other live show info you could possible want!. From this fansite you can also find PUSA recording & song details, lyrics, articles, mp3's, videos, links and blog with latest PUSA news and other related topics.

All the concert dates and details are definitive as possible. If you have any additional info, please use the help page.

This website was updated on 2014-03-02

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Chris Ballew - Vocals, Basitar - The Presidents Of The USA (PUSA / POTUSA) Andrew McKeag - Guitbass, Vocals - The Presidents Of The USA (PUSA / POTUSA) Jason Finn - Drums, Vocals - The Presidents Of The USA (PUSA / POTUSA) Dave Dederer - Guitbass, Vocals - The Presidents Of The USA (PUSA / POTUSA)
Chris Ballew

Vocals, Basitar

1993 - Present

Chris Ballew's band history:
Creepy Stick, Asleep Standing, The Dukes O'Pop, EGG, Balls, Supergroup, Go!, Dynamic Duo, The Lo-Fis, Pure Frosting, PUSA, Beck, Caspar And Mollusk, Chris and Tad, The Giraffes, SUbSET, The Tycoons, The Quitters, The Feelings Hijackers, The Iconics, Caspar Babypants
Andrew McKeag

Guitbass, Vocals

2004 - Present

Andrew McKeag's band history:
Liquid Sunshine, Charosmith, Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver, 70 Proof, Huge Spacebird, Shuggie, Black Panties, Purty Mouth, The Fixers, Jon Langford and The Sexy, The Presidents Of The USA, The Iconics, Suck Machine, Hard Roller, Kasey Anderson and the Honkies
Jason Finn

Drums, Vocals

1993 - Present

Jason Finn's band history:
Bad Credit, Paisley Sin, Vexed, Skin Yard, H-Hour, Helios creed, Love Battery, Icky Joey, The Presidents Of The United States Of America, Fastbacks, 70 Proof, The Minus Five, Congratulators, The Quitters, SUbSET, The Nevada Bachelors
Dave Dederer

Guitbass, Vocals

1993 - 2004

Dave Dederer's band history:
Sandino And The Leftists, The Big Heads of Pluturnus, Marie Delaney's Midnight Caravan, The Dukes O'Pop, Go!, Dynamic Duo, The Lo-Fis, Pure Frosting, P.U.S.A, The Cowboys, The Quitters, SUbSET, Juke, The Gentlemen (The Uptights), Carrie and Dave, The Iconics

Presidents of the USA - 2014 Tour Dates:

2014 PUSAfest concerts:

2014-02-14 - Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon, USA
2014-02-15 - Showbox at the Market, Seattle, USA
2014-02-16 (early show) - The Triple Door, Seattle, Washington, USA
2014-02-16 (late show) - The Triple Door, Seattle, Washington, USA

2014 European tour dates:

2014-02-20 – Utrecht, Tivoli, Netherlands
2014-02-21 – Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen, Netherlands
2014-02-23 – Concorde 2, Brighton, East Sussex, UK
2014-02-24 – East Village Arts Club, Liverpool, UK
2014-02-25 – O2 Academy, Newcastle, UK
2014-02-27 – O2 Academy Leeds, Leeds, UK
2014-02-28 – Rock City, Nottingham, UK

2014-03-01 – O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK

For more concert details: See the 2014 PUSA page for more details!

TV's Chris and Tad:

After 10 years break, Chris and Tad makes a surprise returning. One gig only they say. Make sure you won't miss it!

2013-12-31 - Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline, WA, USA

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