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HELP with the site?

If you have missing concert details, lyrics, tickets, audio, video, posters, articles, photos, magazine clippings, corrections...
or anything else you feel that should be (or not be) on this site. please send Pusabase an

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You can also upload files directly to pusabase site. I get an separate email when your upload is complete.

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Other ways to help?

Thanks for asking!

I'm paying all the hosting & domain bills, software, and dedicating plenty of my free time (thousands of hours) building this site. There are many ways to support this site, and many of them are free!

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Special thanks to:

Dave Dederer, Chris Ballew, Phil Franklin, Dave Thiele, John Q, Mike Lyon, Sal, Insane Ian, Stef, Caroline, Metalfan84,, Alan L, Eric, Dale G, Mark J, Joanne, Nathcos, Bemaniac,
Mark W... and all the people I forgot to mention for helping me out.

this site would not exist without a help from the PUSA community.

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