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Jason Trachtenburg - Answering Machine Tape

Answering Machine Tape messages from 1993 (Including Messages from Chris Ballew as Caspar Babypants) - source

Keller Williams - Lump (live acoustic)

Nice acoustic Presidents of USA cover from KW's 2007-12-15 show.

Chris And Tad - Drool At You

This was on back in the day. Later turned into PUSA song.

Subset - Interview part1
Subset - Interview part2
Subset - Interview part3

Another MP3 that goes way back...1999? Some Subset talk.

Chris Ballew - Are You Going To Weird Al Concert - Radio Interview Clip(WMA file)

Clip from a radio interview. Someone sent this to me via upload feature on contact page. Thanks for that!


1994-05-04 - Fuck California (Live)

First circulating live version of this song.

1994-05-04 - Nasty Masty (Live)

Song written by Dave Dederer's sister Claire. Only known version.

1994-05-04 - Tremolo Blooz (Live)

First circulating live version of Tremolo Blooz. Studio version was first available on Froggystyle demo tape.

1995-07-07 - Sweet Emotion (Live)

Aerosmith classic performed by PUSA. Chris Ballew using his "rock voice".

1995-07-07 - Twig In The Wind (Live)

Another cool live track from same show. Great PUSA rarity.

1995-08-20 - Honky Tonk Masquerade (Live)

Featuring Dave Dederer on vocals.

1996-11-03 - David & The Overtones (Acoustic Live)

Short acoustic clip of Chris Ballew playing old Creepy Stick song at Modern Rock Live. Only known performance of this song.

1996-xx-xx - Clump (live)

Parody version of Lump.

1997-11-16 - Phenomenon (Live)

LL Cool J classic played on Japan tour 1997.

1997-11-23 - You Shook Me All Night Long

AC/DC Classic played on Japan tour 1997.

2004-08-16 - Part 1
2004-08-16 - Part 2

Recorded with portable mini tape recorder. Saved from the old PUSA forums.

2004-08-18 - Part 1
2004-08-18 - Part 2

Recorded with portable mini tape recorder. Saved from the old PUSA forums.