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The Giraffes:


13 Other Dimensions

Giraffes - 13 other dimensions album art lyrics

My Own Planet 1998

"This is just me and the 8 track cassette player getting busy with pop songs and little ditties that are too mellow for the pusa or need more complicated instrumentation that the pusa can do….it's a trippy relaxing thing with some real pop gems thrown in…I put out this first one in 1998 and the idea was to make up a band of hand puppets and toys complete with a fake bio and history and I even did interviews as all the different characters…I didn't put my name on the album at all thinking that in the future someone would find it used in a store and be all perplexed by the mystery of it are the only one that knows the truth!" - Chris Ballew

Chocolate Dimension
Lonely Chicken
Hopeless (Rub It In)
Every Crocodile
Comin' Around
Nothin' 2 Looz
Brain On Yer Tongue
Little Champion
Pale Moon
Ghost Of A Bad Friend
Slow Slow Fly
Poodle Mouth
Wither Without You


The Days Are Filled With Years

Giraffes - Days Are Filled With Years album art lyrics

Orange Music / Orange Recordings (2000)

"Here is the second giraffes record....more mellow and whistful it is a great record to put on during a rainy Sunday and lie on the couch and think about floating around....dedicated to the memory of the late great Mark Sandman I made this record after he died and felt kinda like a boat without a lake... favorites include "gone again gone" and "headphone sunset"….it is all over the map from pop sing along to atmosphere instrumentals…" - Chris Ballew

Giraffes In The Underworld
Kill The Cake
Black Shadow
Drunk On The Sweepings
Easy Phantom
Gone Again Gone
When She's Drunk
Bone Dry
Cypress Ghost
Mess Of Doubt
Room Forever
Burned By A Summer
Headphone Sunset


Zero Friction

Raw Poo 001 (2000)

Unreleased Giraffes album.

Zero Friction
Rot In The Sun
 Good Morning Tycoon
 Don't Forget To Remember All The Good Times
Some Postman Is Grooving
Clean Machine
 Stay With Me
Poodle Mouth
Queen Of Eyes
Suck Or Shine
All The Good Times

Various songs:

  Queen Of Eyes (cover)