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Chris Ballew

Released Songs : Unreleased Songs

Released Chris Ballew songs:

1 A.M. After Party (Pump Audio)
5,000 Miles (Inst) (Pump Audio)

A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations (Briggs w/Robyn Hitchcock
The Crocodile Cafe 2006-11-25)
A Pig in the Orchestra (Sampler Vol. 1)
A Pig in the Orchestra (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1)
A Pig in the Orchestra (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 1)
A Pig in the Orchestra (My First Computer, 2002)
A Sparkle Star (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Afrotastic Party Shack (Inst) (Pump Audio)
All Day Room Feel (Pump Audio)
All Day Room Feel (Edit) (Sampler Vol. 1)
Allow Side Sideways (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Aluminum Can (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Ambulance Ghost (Inst) (Pump Audio)
And Yeah don't Stop (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Angry and Dusty (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Another Year (Pump Audio)
Ant Body (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Ant Body (My First Computer, 2002)
Ape Escape (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Arizona Sun (Pump Audio)
Asteroid (Pump Audio)
Astronauts Report (Sampler Vol.3)
Astronauts Report (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Astronauts Report (Edit 2) (Demo Vol. 1)
Astronauts Report (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 3)
Atmosphere 1 (Pump Audio)

Baby Bones 1 (Pump Audio)
Baby Bones 2 (Pump Audio)
Baby Bones 2 (edit) (Pump Audio)
Backyard Donkey (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Bacterial Planet (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Bad Devil (Sampler Vol. 3)
Bad Devil (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1, Chris
Bad Devil (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 3)
Bad Devil (My First Computer, 2002)
Bag Full of Clues (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Bag of Bones (Pump Audio)
Bag of Nuts (Inst) (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo page)
Bare Naked Hippy (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Bat Car (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Beach Blanket (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Bear Skeleton (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Beast From Under (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Bed of Trees (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Beef Solo (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Bendin in the Wind (Pump Audio)
Bendin in the Wind (Inst Edit) (Pump Audio)
Bendin in the Wind (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Bent Over Frozen (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Betty in Zebra Pants (Edit) (Pump Audio, Chris
Big Black Car (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Big Weird Flower (Pump Audio)
Birmingham Hotel (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Birmingham Hotel (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1)
Biscuits and Gravy (Pump Audio)
Bitter Up the Sweet (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Black and Blue Moon (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Black Burner (Pump Audio)
Black Poodle Blues (Pump Audio)
Blast Aftermath (Pump Audio)
Blazing Sun (Pump Audio)
Blindfold Yourself (Inst) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Blindfold Yourself (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Blindfold Yourself (Like To Boogie, 2003)
Blink to Freeze (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Blood Tunnel (Sampler Vol. 3)
Blood Tunnel (Edit) (Pump Audio, Demo Vol. 1)
Blood Tunnel (Lick) (Pump Audio)
Blue Cross w/Beck
Blushing Daughter (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Bobs Theme (Pump Audio)
Boiling Bunny (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Bone Dry River (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Boo Boo Cow and Cupcake
Boots Belt Stomach (Sampler Vol. 1)
Boots Belt Stomach (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Boots Belt Stomach (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 1)
Boots Belt Stomach (Like To Boogie, 2003)
Brain Gone Out (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Brand New Baby Hands (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Bright Red Flower (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Bright With Stars (Pump Audio)
Bright With Stars (My First Computer, 2002)
Broken Brain (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Broken Trees (Pump Audio)
Broken Trees (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Broken Trees (Edit 2) (Demo Vol. 1)
Brown Funk (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Brown Keys (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Brown Town (Pump Audio)
Brown Town (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Built to Kill (Sampler Vol. 4)
Built to Kill (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1, Chris
Built to Kill (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Built To Kill (Like To Boogie, 2003)
Butter The Skids (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1, Chris
Butter The Skids (Inst) (Sampler Vol. 3)
Butter The Skids (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 3)
Butter The Skids (Like To Boogie, 2003)

Cake Killer (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Calling Long Distance (Pump audio, Sampler Vol. 3)
Calling Long Distance (Edit 1) (Pump Audio)
Calling Long Distance (Edit 2) (Pump Audio)
Calling Long Distance (Edit 3) (Demo Vol. 1)
Calm to Dynamite (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Camel Toed Girl (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Can of Ants (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Candy (Iggy Pop)
Candy Coated Lips (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Candybar in Spring (Pump Audio)
Car Stereo (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Car Told Me (Demo Vol. 1)
Car Told Me (Edit) (Chris
Car Up on Blocks (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Catch the Wrath (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Cave (Pump Audio)
Cello Tycoon (Pump Audio)
Channel Surfing (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Chocolat Droppe(Like To Boogie, 2003)
Christmas Time is Here
Chunky Fatness (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Church, Dudes (Pump Audio)
Claws in Muscle (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Cleaning the Machine (Pump Audio)
Cleaning the Machine (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1, Chris
Closer to the Ground (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Code Talkin Termite (Pump Audio)
Cold Flies (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Come In Moon Robot (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Come In Moon Robot (My First Computer, 2002)
Come Out to Play (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Comfortable Fantastic (Inst) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Comfortable Fantastic (Inst) (Edit) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Concrete Rock (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Cone of Fries (Pump Audio)
Cornfield Hideout (Pump Audio)
Creatures of the Sea (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Creepy Stick (Pump Audio)
Crimson Mohawk Assembly (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Crown Victoria (Pump Audio)
Crush the forces (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Cry For The Fuzz(Like To Boogie, 2003)
Customized Spirit (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Cut These Chains (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Cypress Ghost 2 (Pump Audio)
Cypress Ghost Remix (Pump Audio)

D.T. Jazzy Davis (Pump Audio)
Dark and Dirty Beer (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dark Things (Pump Audio)
Dark Things (My First Computer, 2002)
Dead Body Blues (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dead Rabbit (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dead to the World (Pump Audio)
Deadwood (Pump Audio)
Deadwood (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Deep Blue Sky (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Deep Emotional Roots (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Deep Orange Shag (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Depressing Clowns (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Desert Island Favorite (Sampler Vol. 3)
Desert Island Favorite (Edit) (Pump Audio, Demo Vol. 1,
Desperate Living (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dessert at Noon (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dial Tone (Sampler Vol. 3)
Dial Tone (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1, Chris
Dial Tone (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 3)
Dial Tone (My First Computer, 2002)
Diamond Snaggle Teeth (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dig in your Heels (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Digital Balloon (Pump Audio)
Dim Bulb Sky (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dim Bulb Sky (My First Computer, 2002)
Dinosaur Lips (Sampler Vol. 4)
Dinosaur Lips (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Dinosaur Lips (Edit 2) (Pump Audio, Demo Vol. 1)
Dirty Blonde Daydream (Inst) (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo)
Dirty Surf (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Down in the Ground (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Downward Staircase (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dragster (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Drool At You (Edit)
Dropped Lollypop (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dry Your Tears (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dull and Dirty Toes (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dummy In The Trunk (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dummy In The Trunk (My First Computer, 2002)
Dumpy the Pig (Pump Audio)
Dumpy the Pig (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1)
Dusted and Rusted (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Dusty Bling (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Duty Free (Pump Audio)

EGG Theme (Pump Audio)
Eighty Four Top Ten (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Electric Worm (Inst) (Pump Audio, Demo Vol. 1, Sampler Vol. 4)
Electric Worm Blues (Pump Audio)
Electrical Recording (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Elevator Session Lump (Acoustic)
Enormous Plastic Shadow (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Erased with Eraser (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Evil Trick (Pump Audio)
Extremely Happy Monkey (Pump Audio)

Far Deeper (Pump Audio)
Farlisa Out (Pump Audio)
Far Out Group of People
Fashionably Unhappy (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Fastest Train Ever (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Fat Cactus 2 (Pump Audio)
Feel Alright (Pump Audio)
Feline Frenzy (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Felt Hammer (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Force Of Personality (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Force Of Personanilty (My First Computer, 2002)
Four in the Morning (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Four Smiling Aces (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Freaky Skull (Pump Audio)
Free and Easy (Inst) (Pump Audio)
French Corporation (Inst) (Pump Audio)
French Girl Movie (Pump Audio)
Fresh Frosted (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Fruit Fly (Inst) (Sampler Vol. 1)
Fruit Fly (Edit) (Chris
Full Tilted (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Fungus and Frosting (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Frunkdump (Sampler Vol. 1)
Funkdump (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1, Chris
Fuzzy Finale (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Geeks in the Front (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Get it For (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Get Together
Ghosts are Everywhere (Sampler Vol. 1)
Ghosts are Everywhere (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Ghosts are Everywhere (Edit 2) (Demo Vol. 2)
Ghosts are Everywhere (voc) (Sampler Vol. 1)
Ghost to Ghost (Pump Audio)
Giant Bug (Pump Audio)
Glowing Amplifier (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Go Dad Go (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Golden Nuggets (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Golden Orb (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Gone For Good (Inst) (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 3)
Gone For Good (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1)
Good Sensation (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Good Thing Down (Pump Audio)
Good Thing Down (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Grey After Rain (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Groove Train 2 (Pump Audio)
Gumball Flavor (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Hair in Hawaii (Pump Audio)
Hair Traffic Control (Pump Audio)
Hambone (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Hand On Open Flame (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Happy Afterlife (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Harmful Rays (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Hawaiian Nap (Pump Audio)
Hawaiian Vinyl (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Head is High (Pump Audio)
Head Scratch (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Heart on Loan to You (Pump Audio)
Hello Daddy (Inst) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Hello Daddy (Inst) (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Hello Daddy (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Help Me home (Pump Audio)
Hey License Plate! (Pump Audio)
Hic-up (Pump Audio)
Hic-up 2 (Pump Audio)
Hide Inside My Mommy (Inst) (Pump Audio)
High and Lonesome (Pump Audio)
Hillbilly Meltdown (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Hold Up your Lighters (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Hole in the Head (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Hollow Foot (Pump Audio)
Homeless Amplifier (Pump Audio)
Hot Afternoon (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Hot Diggity Dog (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Hot Off the Catwalk (Pump Audio)
Hot Ticket (Like To Boogie, 2003)
Huge Space Station (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Hump the Sky (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Hungry Animals (Pump Audio)
Hunted Bunny (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Hurry Back (Pump Audio)

I Groove Way Too Much on You
Ice Cold Surf (Inst) (Pump Audio)
In Deep
In My Skin (Sampler Vol. 1)
In My Skin (Edit) (Pump Audio)
In My Skin (Edit 2) (Demo Vol. 1)
In My Skin (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 1)
In My Skin (Like To Boogie, 2003)
Incorporated (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Instruction Booklet (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1, Chris
International Velvet (Pump Audio)
Invisible 1 (Pump Audio)
Invisible 2 (Pump Audio)
Invisible 3 (Pump Audio)
Is It Black? (Pump Audio)
Is It Black? (Edit) (Pump Audio)
It Is All For You (Pump Audio)
It Is All for You (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Itch to Scratch (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Its Penguin Time (Pump Audio)

Japanese Centipede (Pump Audio)
Jazz Nut (Pump Audio)
Jungle Hut Failure (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Jungle Samba (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Junk in My Truck (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Keep On Beepin On (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Kick Drum Queen (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Kid in Sun (Pump Audio)
Kill Kill Kill (Inst) (Pump Audio)
King of the Buns (Inst) (Pump Audio)
King of the Hill (Pump Audio)
Knife in Speaker (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Land Crab (Pump Audio)
Last Day of School
Last Flight Out (Inst) (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo page)
Last soft Oxbow (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Lava and Tonic (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Lavender Clutch (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Lawyers on Acid (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Lead Lead Pipe (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Leather Wing Bat
Leopard Lounge (Pump Audio)
Let Go and Drift (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Lick that Chicken Dry (Pump Audio)
Licorice (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Life of Leisure (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Lift Your Head (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Like To Boogie (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1, Chris
Like To Boogie (Like To Boogie, 2003)
Lisa Opening (Pump Audio)
Little Bug Eyes (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Little Wind Blow (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Log Jam (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Long Goodbye Home (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Long Sleek Shoe (Inst) (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo page)
Loop 24 (Pump Audio)
Loose Balloon (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo page)
Loosely Tight (Pump Audio)
Loosely Tight 2 (Pump Audio)
Los Angeles Machine Tan (Pump Audio)
Louie, Louie (LIVE at Pike Place Market 09-17-07)
Love Everybody (Pump Audio)
Love Everybody (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Love Smotherer (Inst) (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 3)
Love Smotherer (Pump Audio)
Love Smotherer (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1)
Love Smotherer (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 3)
Low strung out (inst) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Low Strung Out (Edit) (Pump Audio, Chris
Low Strung Out (My First Computer, 2002)
Low Worm (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 1)
Low Worm (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1)
Lucky You (Pump Audio)
Lunar Picnic (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Lunatic Meltdown (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Luscious Leather Interior (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Macaroni Tycoon (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Made a Loud Sound (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Made of Sand (Pump Audio)
Magnetic Field (Pump Audio)
Makes Me Feel Sad (Pump Audio)
Mansion of Glass (Inst) (Pump Audio)
March of the Television Sets (Pump Audio)
Massive Gorilla (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Massive Storm (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Mechanical Rabbit (Pump Audio)
Medley of Hits (Demo Vol. 1)
Mid Day Drunk (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Midnight at the Dump (Pump Audio)
Mission Control (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Mobile Future
Mobile Home (Chris Personal Recording)
Modern sounds (Inst) (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 4)
Mohawks on Parade (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Moldy Xylophone (Demo Vol.1)
Money Making Machine (Inst) (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo)
Monkey Escape (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Moon Gum (Pump Audio)
Moon Gum (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1)
Moon Unit (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Mop Up the Mess (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Morning Moan (Pump Audio)
Mountain Bed (Inst) (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo page)
Mountain of Doubt (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Mozart's Pimpmobile (Inst) (Pump Audio)
My Brittle Bones (Inst) (Pump Audio)
My Heart is Just Right (Inst) (Pump Audio)
My Style (Inst) (Pump Audio)
My Style (Like To Boogie, 2003)
Mystery Caller (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Nearly Impossible Sing Along
Nerdy Little Frog (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Nordic Clothes (Pump Audio)
Notes Float By (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Nothing But Lies (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Nothing But Net (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Nothings Glued Down (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Obey Her Every Order (Inst) (Pump Audio)
On Synth Mountain (Inst) (Pump Audio)
One Hundred Feet Tall (Inst) (Pump Audio)
One Million Little Pills (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Option to Fly (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Orange Shag (Pump Audio)
Orbital Chimps (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Organ Donor (Pump Audio)
Original Sunny (Edit) (Pump Audio, Chris
Original Sunny (Inst) (Sampler Vol. 1)
Original Sunny (Voc) (Sampler vol. 1)
Original Sunny (My First Computer, 2002)
Out of My Element (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Overlit (Inst) (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 4)
Overlit (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1)
Overlit (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Overstimulated Chimp (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Peaches Acappella (LIVE at Pike Place Market 09-17-07)
Perfect Snaggle Teeth (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Petrified Forrest (Pump Audio)
Phantom Organ (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Piano Loop 1 (Pump Audio)
Piano Spider (Pump Audio)
Pink Candy Pants (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Pink Passanger (Like To Boogie, 2003)
Planet Zero
Pluck that Guitar (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Poodle Skin Purse (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Poor Little Me (Chris Personal Recording)
Porcupine (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Postman (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Pour on Confusion (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Pretty Good Worst (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Pretty Little Ribcage (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Pudgy Soul Outro (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Push On the Gas (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Queen of the Mud (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Quiver and Goosebumps (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Rainbow Lollypop (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Ramas Itch (Pump Audio)
Random Sunday Thing (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Red Hot Gumball (Like To Boogie, 2003)
Red Neck Horse Head (Edit) (Pump Audio, Chris
Red Neck Horse Head (Edit 2) (Pump Audio)
Red Neck Horse Head (Edit 3) (Demo Vol. 1)
Red Neck Horse Head (Inst) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Red Neck Horse Head (My First Computer, 2002)
Rented Sex Monkey (Pump Audio)
Restless Night (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Right Wrong Turn (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Rip and Tear (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Rising Sun (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Road Trip South (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Robert Goulet (On the River Nile)
Rock & Roll Pest Control (LIVE at Pike Place Market 09-17-07)
Rock the Nose (Pump Audio)
Rockin Noggin (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Rode a Broken Parachute (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Roll It Over (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Ronald the Cow (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Rotten Floorboards (Pump Audio, Demo Vol. 1)
Round and Beautiful (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Rubbed the Wrong Way (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Rubber Ghost Blooz (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Rude Little Duck (Pump Audio)
Rump Roast (Pump Audio)
Run, World, Run
Runt of the Litter (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Rusty Propane Tank (Inst) (Pump Audio)

S.O.B. (Pump Audio)
Sandy Toes (Pump Audio)
Satellite Transmission (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Saturday Naps (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Scar Shaped Heart (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Scooter in the Sun (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Scorpion Pie (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Scorpion Vs. Scorpion (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Secret Connection (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Seduction Cup (Pump Audio)
Seduction Cup (Inst) (Pump Audio)
See the TV Glowin (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Sellen Theme (Pump Audio)
Senses are Dimmed (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Serfin Burd (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Sexy Bear Time (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Shadow of Debutante (Pump Audio)
Shake the Shitty Feeling (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Shark Fin Boots (Pump Audio)
Shreds of Boa (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Shreds of Boa (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Silent Punk Rocker (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Silver Moon (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Sipped and on Ice (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Sitcom Cousins (Pump Audio)
Skinny Lap Dog (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Slice Up a Knife (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Slippery Old Toad (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1, Chris
Slippery Old Toad (Inst) (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 4)
Slippery Old Toad (My First Computer, 2002)
Slouchin (Pump Audio)
Slow and Low (Pump Audio)
Slow Twister (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Small Race Car (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Smash and Squish (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Smashing the Blueness (Pump Audio)
Smoking and Drinking (Pump Audio)
Smooth Drone (Pump Audio)
Snakeskin and Mahogany (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Snow Baby (Pump Audio)
Snow Cancellation (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Snow Maze Lost (Pump Audio)
Snowman Pants (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Sold Gold Instructions (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Something is Wrong (Inst) (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo)
Something Squishy (Pump Audio)
Something Wrong (Organ Solo) (Pump Audio)
Songaliciousness (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Soothing Vapor (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Soul Rollin (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Soul Rollin (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Soul Rollin (Like To Boogie, 2003)
Soul Saver (Pump Audio)
Sour Flower (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Space Dirt (Pump Audio)
Sparkling Tombstone (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Speed of Light (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1, Chris
Speed of Light (Inst) (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 4)
Speed of Light (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Spine in the Road (Inst) (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo page)
Spooky Garage (Pump Audio)
Squatch Theme (Squatch Theme EP)
Squatch Theme (Radio Mix) (Squatch Theme EP)
Squatch Theme (Karaoke Mix) (Squatch Theme EP)
Squinting at the Sun (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Star Assistant (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Stereo Nightcap (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Stereo Nightcap (My First Computer, 2002)
Sticky Sandy Feet (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Stormy Warming Weather (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Stright to Static (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Stuck in Snow (Edit) (Pump Audio, Demo Vol. 1, Chris
Stuck in Snow Maze (Sampler Vol. 3)
Stuck in Snow Maze (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Stuck Inside (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Stung by Numbness (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Stung! (Pump Audio)
Style Injury (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Sub Zero (Edit) (Chris
Subatomic (Pump Audio)
Submarine Boogie (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Suck on the Bong (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Sucker Punch (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Sueded Python (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 3)
Sueded Python (Edit) (Demo vol. 1)
Sun is Done Deflating (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Sun Stroke (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Sun Upside Down (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Sunburn Outro (Pump Audio)
Sunny (Pump Audio)
Sunny (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Sunny 2 (Sellen Theme) (Pump Audio)
Sunset (She Wants You) (Pump Audio)
Sunset Stripper (Pump Audio)
Sunshine in My Pants (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Superhuman Embryo (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Swallow No Drug (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Swap Patrol (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Sweaty Sizzle (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Swing it Wide (Inst) (Pump Audio)
System Code Blues (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Takeoff Flight Landing (Pump Audio)
Takeoff Flight Landing (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Tan Lines and Topless (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Tangled Web (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Tangled Web (Inst) (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Techno Rump (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Technology is Sweet (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Technology Sucks (Pump Audio)
Teeter Totter (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Teflon Heart (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Tension Sandwich (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Tequila Stepchild (Inst) (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo page)
Tester 1 (Pump Audio)
Tester 2 (Pump Audio)
Thank You for Finding Me (Pump Audio)
That Fragile Smile (Inst) (Pump Audio)
That Spy is Wet (Pump Audio)
Thaw Out The Frozen You (Pump Audio)
The Cloud Says Mope (Sampler Vol. 1)
The Cloud Says Mope (Edit) (Pump Audio, Demo vol. 1)
The Comeback Stump (Inst) (Pump Audio)
The Curled Finger (Pump Audio)
The Days are Filled with Years (Pump Audio)
The Days are Filled with Years 2 (Pump Audio)
The Fuzz (Inst) (Pump Audio)
The Invisible Trio (Inst) (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 4)
The Invisible Trio (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1)
The Longhairs (Sampler Vol. 3)
The Longhairs (Edit) (Pump Audio)
The Longhairs (Edit 2) (Demo Vol. 1)
The Longhairs (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 3)
The Longhairs (Like To Boogie, 2003)
The Tastemakers (Inst) (Pump Audio)
The Thirteenth Loop (Pump Audio)
The Voodoo Advantage (Pump Audio)
The Voodoo Advantage (My First Computer, 2002)
Theme From Babypants (Pump Audio)
Theme From Babypants (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1)
Theme From Babypants (Like To Boogie, 2003)
Theme from Squatch Interview
Thin Phantom (Pump Audio)
Thing From Below (Inst) (Pump Audio)
This Is What Jazz Means To Me (w/ Morphine)
This Rotten Technology (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Thirsty in Phoenix (Pump Audio)
Thrown Away Star Doll (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Tick Tock (Pump Audio)
Tickle Spider Attack (My First Computer, 2002)
Tickle to Tease (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Tin Can in the Sky (Inst) (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo page)
Tiny Horse (Inst) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Tiny Horse (Inst) (Edit) (Pump Audio)
Tiny Horse (Voc) (Sampler Vol. 4)
Tiny Infant (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Toasty Winter Sock (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Today's Most Popular Girl (Pump Audio)
Toe Bones (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Tongue in Groove (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Tongue Tied Youngster (Inst) (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 1)
Tongue Tied Youngster (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1)
Tonights Main Event (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Too Good to Resist (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Torture the Clowns (Pump Audio)
Tour Bus Blues (Inst) (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 4)
Toys for Tots (Pump Audio)
Trailer Park Swinger (Pump Audio)
Transcontinental Finger (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Tropical Bean Bag (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Tropical Sticky (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Truckstop Butterfly (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 1)
Truckstop Butterfly (Edit) (Demo Vol. 2)
Tuck Her In (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Twerp (Pump Audio)
Twinkie Cloud (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Twist and Swivel (Pump Audio)

Ugly Duckling (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Under Grass (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 3)
Under Grass 1 (Edit) (Demo vol. 1, Chris
Under Grass 2 (Edit) (Demo vol. 1, Chris
Unexpected Pleasure Boat (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Unspinning a Web (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Upset Stomach (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Va Va Voom (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Vampire Ice Cream (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Vanilla Gorilla (Sampler Vol. 3)
Vanilla Gorilla (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1, Chris
Vanished (Pump Audio)
Virtual Elephant (Pump Audio)
Voice Mail Blues (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Wally All Alone (Pump Audio)
Warm and Blurry (Inst)(Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebopage)
Warm Boob (Pump Audio)
Warm Butterscotch (Edit) (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 4)
Warm Butterscotch (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Warm Free and Easy (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Warm Money (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Water is Wet (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Weepy and Sleepy (Pump Audio)
Welcome Wagon (Pump Audio)
Western Breakfast (Inst) (Pump Audio, Demo Vol. 1, Sampler Vol. 4)
Wet Possum Blues (Pump Audio)
Wet Show on Ice (Inst) (Pump Audio)
What the Hell (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo page)
When I Die (Inst) (Pump Audio)
When You’re Down (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Whiskey Bottle (Inst) (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebo page)
Wide Load (Pump Audio, Sampler Vol. 1)
Wide Load (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1, Chris
Wimpy (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Wooden Eye (Sampler Vol. 1)
Wooden Eye (Edit) (Demo vol. 1)
Wowowwowow (Inst) (Aurora Elephant Music Chimpbear Bebopage)

X-ray Madness (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Yellow Cow Blues (Pump Audio)
Yellow Cow Blues (Edit) (Demo Vol. 1)
Yellow Sunglasses (Inst) (Pump Audio)
You Broke My Monkey (Pump Audio)
You Had a Party (Inst) (Pump Audio)
You're an Artist (w/ Morphine)
Your Empty Arms (Inst) (Pump Audio)
Your Face
Yummy Star (Inst) (Pump Audio)

Zebra Sunburn (Pump Audio)
Zombie Goblin (Inst) (Pump Audio)