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Caspar Babypants

Chris Ballew - Vocals, Guitar and various other instruments
Fredrick Babyshirt (Fred Northup Jr.) - Vocals, Other Instruments (touring band member)
Ronald Babyshoes (Ron Hippe) - Keyboard, Vocals (touring band member)

Caspar Babypants is Chris Ballew from The Presidents Of The United States Of America.

"Ballew's first brush with children's music came in 2002 when he recorded and donated an album of traditional children's songs to the nonprofit Program for Early Parent Support titled "PEPS Sing A Long!" Having a son and daughter himself, he enjoyed making the record but didn't think about it again until 2008 when he discussed working on a children's book with his wife, collage artist Kate Endle.[1] Ballew began digging up nursery rhymes and folk songs in the public domain, songs that have been reinterpreted and passed down through generations.[2] This, in addition to a number of original songs, formed his first full-length release, "Here I Am!"

The album was a hit locally, and Ballew began to perform in the Seattle area. A longtime friend, Fred Northup, heard the album while working on a project with Ballew, and Northup offered to play as his live percussionist. Northup, a Seattle-based comedy improvisor, suggested his frequent collaborator Ron Hippe as a keyboard player, and Ballew subsequently auditioned Hippe. Christening the two "Frederick Babyshirt" and "Ronald Babyshoes", they officially became the Caspar Babypants live band in 2009. Although Ballew is the primary creative force behind Caspar Babypants, Northup and Hippe frequently appear on his newer recordings and play at a majority of the live performances." - Wikipedia

Main releases:
Here I am! (2009)
More Please! (2009
This Is Fun! (2010)
Sing along! (2011)

List of all known Caspar Babypants songs:

Click a song title to see the lyrics.

Track: Source: Year: Details:
$9.99 More Please! 2009  
All The Fish PEPS Sing Along 2010 Download only album
All You Pretty Babies This Is Fun! 2010 Jen Wood on vocals.
Arkansas Ant Unreleased studio track. - Uncirculating
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep Sing Along! 2011 Traditional / Chris Ballew
Babies Little Self Here I Am 2009 -
Baby And The Animals This Is Fun! 2010  
Baby Bear  (demo) Unreleased studio track xxxx Original demo had drums. Uncirculating
Baby Bear Here I Am 2009 -
Baby Cloud Sing Along! 2011 Traditional / Chris Ballew
Baby's Getting Up This Is Fun! 2010 Video
Baby In A Corn Tree Here I Am 2009 -
Bad Blue Jay Sing Along! 2011 Traditional / Chris Ballew
Billy Pringle Here I Am 2009 Old English folk song.
Bold Little Bird More Please! 2009 -
Bounce Your Baby This Is Fun! 2010  
Brahms Lullaby PEPS Sing Along 2010 Download only album
Bright Bug Here I Am 2009 -
Brown and Lonely Worm (Mix 2) MP3 2008 Studio. Different intro, and song is longer than the version that was released on Here I Am album. Released on as free MP3
Brown and Lonely Worm Here I Am 2009 Original song (Leather Winged Bat) by Spider John Koerner. Caspar (Chris) rewrote the lyrics. Chris has also recorded his version of Leather Winged Bat, which you can download or buy from here
Buckeye Jim This Is Fun! 2010  
Bug In The Cuff  (demo) MP3 2008 Studio. No double tracked vocals. mono mix. Myspace (2008)
Bug In The Cuff Here I Am 2009 Originally written in 80's by EGG (another band by Chris) "bug in the cuff of my pants"
Butterfly Driving A Truck Sing Along! 2011 Tad Hutchison / Mia H / Chris Ballew
Calling From Clouds Here I Am 2009 -
Candy Cane A Cigar Box Christmas 2010 (compilation) 2010 Free 40-track  MP3 compilation featuring Candy Cane from Caspar Babypants.
Check It Out Many Hands: Family Music For Haiti 2010 Old Caspar song reworked. Listen
Cotton Eyed Joe  (Mix 1) MP3 2009 Studio
Cotton Eyed Joe More Please! 2009 -
Crawl Sing Along! 2011 Keith Mackler / Chris Ballew
Dark Of Night This Is Fun! 2010  
Daisy Play MP3 2010 "This is a little song I wrote for a sweet little girl named Daisy who is having a little fight with cancer. I wanted her to have a song about getting better so I wrote this about a daisy that leaves its "flower bed" and runs free!" - Chris Ballew / Caspar Babypants
Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone More Please! 2009 -
Dust Mite More Please! 2009 -
Fingertips MP3 2009 Studio
Fingertips (Mix 2) MP3 2009 Studio
Free Like A Bird Here I Am 2009 -
Freres Jacques Here I Am 2009 -
Funny Bone Sing Along! 2011  
Fuzzy Wuzzy More Please! 2009 -
Googly Eyes This Is Fun! 2010  
Hand In Hand Fun-raisers! (mp3) 2010 Fun-raisers
Happy Heart Fun-raisers! (mp3) 2010 MP3 from

"I wrote it about Rena who is a great little kid who raised a bunch of cash one penny at a time for homeless kids...." - Chris Ballew
Head Shoulders Knees And Toes PEPS Sing Along 2010 Download only album
Heard A Bird Here I Am 2009 -
Helicopter  (demo) Unreleased studio track 2010 Uncirculating
Helicopter Sing Along! 2011 Traditional / Chris Ballew
I'm a Nut More Please! 2009 -
I Made Up My Mind More Please! 2009 -
I Wanna Be A Snowman Sing Along! 2011 Traditional / Chris Ballew
It's Gonna Rain This Is Fun! 2010  
Itsy Bitsy Spider More Please! 2009  -
Itsy Bitsy Spider PEPS Sing Along 2010 Different version than what is on More Please!?
Let The S Go Here I Am 2009 -
Light It Up More Please! 2009 -
Little Broken Truck (mix 3) MP3 2008 Studio
Little Broken Truck Here I Am 2009 -
Little Child (cover) Unreleased 2011 The Beatles cover. Uncirculating
Little Ditty This Is Fun! 2010  
Little Ghost More Please! 2009 -
Long Long Dream Sing Along! 2011 Weird All plays accordion.
Look At All These Elephants This Is Fun! 2010  
Looking Up More Please! 2009 -
Loud And Quiet Sing Along! 2011  
Lump (live) Unreleased live track 2009 Live Wire Radio
Kitty (live) Unreleased live track 2009 Live
Mary Had A Little Lamb (mix 1) MP3 2009 Studio
Mary Had A Little Lamb More Please! 2009 -
Me And My Echo Sing Along! 2011  
Mister Rabbit This Is Fun! 2010  
Mister Winter Bee Sing Along! 2011 Chris Ballew / Kate Endle
Mockingbird (hush little baby) PEPS Sing Along 2010 Download only album
Monkey River  (demo) MP3 2008 Different intro. Mono mix. MySpace (2008)
Monkey River Here I Am 2009 There are at least 15 versions of this song done by Chris with his various side projects.
My Flea Has Dogs Sing Along! 2011 Chris Ballew / Kate Endle
Nine Ninety Nine More Please! 2009 -
Poor Dust Bunnies Here I Am 2009 Here I Am
Put Your Baby In The Air PEPS Sing Along 2010 Download only album
Pussycat Pussycat Sing Along! 2011 Traditional / Chris Ballew
Ramshackle More Please! 2009 -
Rig A Jig Jig PEPS Sing Along 2010 Download only album
Ring Around The Rosie Sing Along! 2011 Traditional / Chris Ballew
Robin on a Wire More Please! 2009 -
Rocks and Flowers More Please! 2009  
Row Row Row Your Boat PEPS Sing Along 2010 Download only album
Run Away Here I Am 2009 -
Run Baby Run More Please! 2009 -
Shadow Sing Along! 2011  
Shortnin Bread Here I Am 2009 -
Shoo Fly This Is Fun! 2010  
Shoo Fly Pie Co (Mix 2) MP3 2009 Studio
Silly Bird Unreleased studio track 2010 "wrote a new song after a Leadbelly record called Red Bird...mine is SILLY BIRD and he builds a car out of moss and bits...."
Sitting In A High Chair PEPS Sing Along 2010 Download only album
Sittin on This Rock More Please! 2009 Studio
Skin A Ma Rink PEPS Sing Along 2010 Download only album
Sleeping Baby Here I Am 2009 -
This Is Fun! 2010 Nirvana cover song. With Krist Novoselic on bass.
Small Black Ant Here I Am 2009 -
Speedy Centipede This Is Fun! 2010  
Spider John Sing Along! 2011  
Spiders Lullaby More Please! 2009 -
Sugar Ant Fun-Raisers! 2010 Available on only via donations.
Sun Go Sing Along! 2011 with Frances England
Take the Sun More Please! 2009 -
The Cuckoo This Is Fun! 2010  
The Cuckoo (demo) MP3 2010 Unreleased studio demo. "This is an old hillbilly tune about gambling that I simplified and turned on its little head and made a new part for and changed the words!"
The Frogs This Is Fun! 2010  
The Island Hop Here I Am 2009 -
The Noble Duke Of York PEPS Sing Along 2010 Download only album
The Legend Of The Bones This In Fun! 2010  
The Softest Guitar On The Moon Unreleased studio track 2010 Uncirculating.
Them Bones Sing Along! 2011 featuring Outtasite
Three Blind Mice  (Mix 2) MP3 2008 Studio. Different intro
Three Blind Mice Here I Am 2009 -
Tiger Throught The Trees This Is Fun! 2010  
Tumble This Is Fun! 2010  
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star PEPS Sing Along 2010 Download only album
Under A Rock Here I Am 2009 -
What Do You Find (demo 1) MP3 2010  
What Do You Find (demo 2) MP3 2010  
What If? (demo 2) MP3 2009 Studio
Where Do You Go? This Is Fun! 2010  
Wild Wild Time Sing Along! 2011 Beethoven / Chris Ballew