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Andrew McKeag - BIO - PUSABASE
Photo by Joanne

Andrew McKeag - Band History:

- in chronological order -

Liquid Sunshine


Sioban - Vocals
Tim Blankenship - Bass, Vocals
Andrew McKeag - Guitar
Walter - Drums

"Back in the San Diego Day... highlight was opening for Buzzcocks @Iguana's/Tijuana" - Andrew



Cristina Chabalaba - Vocals
Andrew McKeag - Guitar

"A one-time only Aerosmith cover band featuring a Charo impersonator (Cristina Chabalaba) and a slew of San Diego rock & rollers- could there be a better idea ever?" - Andrew

Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver


Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver - Andrew McKeag (Presidents Of the USA / PUSA)

Dave Jass - Guitar, Vocals
Andrew McKeag - Guitar, Vocals
George Viduarri - Drums
+ at least 9 different drummers in 4 years

Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver blends the '70s Stones with '80s alternative-garage acts like the Replacements. The San Diego band's first album, Chick Rock, was released on Headhunter/Cargo. The band includes Andrew McKeag and David Jass on guitar and vocals, George Vidaurri on bass and John Spezza on drums. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

70 Proof


Andrew McKeag (Guitar, Vocals) - 70 Proof

Kurt Bloch
Mike Musburger
Ben London
Paul Passereli
Ron Heathman
Eddie Spaghetti
Mark Hoyt
Jim Sangster
Joe Bass
Shawn Allen
Jason Finn
Jason Staczek
Andrew McKeag
and probably a few more

The world's most frighteningly authentic 70's cover band. There were often as many as 9 on stage at any given show

Huge Spacebird


Mark Hoyt - Guitar
Jeff Taylor - Bass
Peter Landsdowne - Drums
Andrew McKeag - Guitar

"One of the best bands in Seattle. Sound like the 80's and 90's never happened" - Andrew



Shuggie - Andrew McKeag (Presidents Of The USA / PUSA)

Mike Musburger - Drums
Jason Staczek - Keys
Phil Hurley - Bass
Jeff Fielder - Bass
Andrew McKeag - Guitar, Vocals
Shawn Allen - Drums
Rick Roberts - Bass
Martin - Keys
James Atkins - Bass

Take one part Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver, two parts Posies, shake thoroughly and you have a stiff shot of Shuggie. Wedged firmly somewhere between the MONSTER ROCK of the 70s' and the melodic grit of Minneapolis, circa 1987,Shuggie transcends both sounds on a rock n' roll voyage all their own. Shuggie has been described as a "guitar-fueled, Foghat meets Badfinger, electric boogie across a Paul Westerberg landscape". On their self-titled debut, Shuggie breaks the mold of any preconceived northwest stereotypes, to deliver an eleven song dose of good old fashioned rock music (the kind your older brother or sister used as a guide book through puberty). Calling Seattle home, Shuggie summons the ghosts of everything from The Faces to Bad Company, in an effort to carry the rock n' roll torch into the new millennium. The only thing left to do, is sit back and cruise with Shuggie through an eternal summer on permanent overdrive.

Black Panties


Black Panties - Andrew McKeag (Presidents Of The USA / PUSA / Shuggie)

Oliver Little - Vocals
David Weeks - Drums
Brian Burnside - Bass
Andrew McKeag - Guitar


"A kick ass punk rock/rock & roll band" - Andrew

Purty Mouth


Andrew McKeag - Guitar, Vocals

"The best (and probably still the only) almost all-gay country band in Seattle. I played guitar for awhile, fullfilling additional duties as the other heterosexual member of the band... line-up has changed quite a bit since I played w/'em, but they're still great." - Andrew

The Fixers


The Fixers - Andrew McKeag (Presidents Of The USA / PUSA)

Andrew McKeag - Guitar, Vocals
Ron Heathman - Guitar
Kurt Bloch - Bass, Guitar
Jeff Rouse - Bass
Scott Giampino - Drums


"Humble Pie covers, assorted 70's boogie... party band initially... but it's a good name... maybe we'll write some songs & make it a real band..." - Andrew

Jon Langford & The Sexy


Jon Langford - Vocals
Andrew McKeag - Guitar

"We're Langford's Seattle backing band. Line-up varies, but when duty calls... The Sexy are always ready to throw down." - Andrew

The Presidents Of The United States Of America


Chris Ballew - Vocals, Basitar, Keyboard
Dave Dederer - Guitbass, Vocals (1993-2004)
Jason Finn - Drums, Vocals
Andrew McKeag - Guitbass, Vocals (2004-present)

Also known as PUSA/PotUSA/The Presidents Of The USA.

Andrew McKeag joined the Presidents in 2004.

The Iconics


The Iconics - Seattle All-Star Band
photo by nnlove

Chris Ballew - Vocals (PUSA)
Dave Dederer - Guitar (PUSA)
Andrew McKeag - Guitar (PUSA)
Mike Musburger - Drums (Posies / Fastbacks)
Jeff Fielder - Bass (Sera Cahoone)
Ty Bailie - Keyboard (Department Of Energy)

Seattle all-star band the Iconics

Suck Machine


Kurt Bloch - Bass or Guitar
Andrew McKeag - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Musburger - Drums
Drew Church - Bass

punk covers... one practice, one show, made T shirts


Hard Roller


Andrew McKeag - Vocals, Guitar
Paul Montone - Bass
Scott Giampino - Drums

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Kasey Anderson and the Honkies


Kasey Anderson and the Honkies promo photo - Andrew Mckeag Bio

 Kasey Anderson & The Honkies - LOGO

Kasey Anderson – Vocals, Guitar
Andrew McKeag – Guitar, Vocals
Sean Cornin – Bass
Julian MacDonough – Drums