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Dave Dederer - BIO - PUSA
Photo by pdgibson

Dave Dederer - Band History:

- in chronological order -

Sandino And The Leftists


Dave Dederer

No other info.

The Big Heads of Pluturnus


Dave Dederer - Guitar

Dave's old college band in Brown University.

Marie Delaney's Midnight Caravan


Dave Dederer

No other info.

The Dukes O'Pop


C. Ballew - Guitar, Piano, Violin
D. Thiele - Chamer Dulcimer
D. Dederer - Guitar Hero
P. Franklin - Guitar, Drums
I. Sterling - Bass
T. Ballew - Little Baby

Band recorded a cassette "Toy Suprise" (limited to 50 copies). Some of the ideas and songs included in this cassette, we're later used on various PUSA recordings. The Dukes O'Pop also played some live gigs. More about it on concert pages 1975-1992



Dave Dederer - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Ballew - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Thiele - Drums, Vocals (1991-1992)

Dave Thiele went to graduate school in Boston in fall 1992, and Chris and Dave continued to play as duo.

"Jason Finn saw the last Go! show, at The Crocodile Cafe, and for two years begged to be in whatever the next band Chris and I would be forming...which led to his joining PUSA in late 1993" - Dave Dederer

Go!'s version of Monkey River is on Monkey River CD.

Dynamic Duo


Chris Ballew - Vocals, Basitar
Dave Dederer - Guitbass 

Duo by Chris and Dave. They played live show(s) under this name in 1993.

The Lo-Fis


Chris Ballew - Vocals, Basitar
Dave Dederer - Guitbass

Duo by Chris and Dave. They played live show(s) under this name in 1993.

Pure Frosting


Chris Ballew - Vocals, Basitar
Dave Dederer - Guitbass

Duo by Chris and Dave. They played live show(s) under this name in 1993. PUSA also named their B-side collection album as "Pure Frosting".

The Presidents Of The United States Of America


Chris Ballew - Vocals, Basitar, Keyboard
Dave Dederer - Guitbass, Vocals (1993-2004)
Jason Finn - Drums, Vocals
Andrew McKeag - Guitbass, Vocals (2004-present)

Also known as PUSA/PotUSA/The Presidents Of The USA.

more details: Presidents of the USA songography (PUSA songs with details)

The Cowboys


Dave Dededer - PUSA / Presidents Of The USA

Ian Fisher: Lead Vocals
Jeff Cerar: Guitar
Jack Hanan: Bass
Mark Borden: Drums
Paul Brownlow: Keyboards
Dean Helgeson: Drums
Marty Waychoff: Drums
Ernie Sapiro: Guitar
Mark Guenther: Drums
Dave Dederer: Guitar

Click here for more details Includes pictures and video of Dave performing with the Cowboys.

The Quitters


Chris Ballew - Vocals, Bass, Keyboard
Dave Dederer - Guitar
Jason Finn - Drums

Name Quitters appeared first time on Jason Finn's drum kit on the "Video Killed The Radio Star" video back in 1998. It was a reference about the Presidents quitting, but on 24th January 2000, mysterious song: "The Quitters - Jupiter" appeared on Musicblitz website. It was meant to be an one-off reunion to make a favor to an old friend that worked on Musicblitz, but later on it lead to a whole new PUSA album.

"They quickly found out they couldn't use that name (The Quitters) and have reverted back to using The Presidents. "I liked the Quitters but apparently there's some band in Syracuse New York called The Quitters and they are extremely fond of their name. They found out we were using it and told us in no uncertain terms to stop. We liked the names The Quitters and if they hadn't of called us on it we would have kept using it" Dave said."

When the full album was done, the band wanted a new label in Australia, and they would really liked it to be Sony. Things might have gone wrong in the US, but the Presidents always liked the way how Sony Australia worked. Dave even wanted the band to tour Australia, but Chris wasn't interested.



Subset (The Presidents Of The United States Of America + Sir Mix-A-Lot + Outtasite)

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Vocals
Chris Ballew - Vocals, Bass, Keyboard
Dave Dederer - Guitar, Bass
Jason Finn - Drums
Mike "Outtasite" Singleton - Vocals

"SUbSET was a much-anticipated collaboration between Seattle rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot and grunge jokesters the Presidents of the United States of America, albeit one that never quite got off the ground. The seeds of SUbSET were first planted circa 1997, with a collaborative Jimi Hendrix cover the original purpose. Instead, Mix and the Presidents -- guitarist Dave Dederer, bassist Chris Ballew, and drummer Jason Finn -- eventually worked on a bit of original material, drawing from their collective disillusionment with the music industry. Mix brought the Presidents on-stage to perform the result, "Addicted to the Fame," at a live gig in Seattle in 1998. The crowd went wild, and the quartet decided to pursue their unlikely new direction further, eventually christening themselves SUbSET. They played several showcase gigs in Seattle, and also recorded approximately one album's worth of material over 1999, provoking intense curiosity even beyond their own respective fan bases. SUbSET mounted a small-scale tour of the West Coast in early 2000, but unfortunately split up in its wake. Part of the reason was a lack of enthusiasm for the process of putting out and supporting a record, and musical differences also played a part (Mix wanted to experiment with alternative metal and industrial sounds). To date, none of the band's recordings have been officially released, though many have been leaked on the Internet." Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Subset - Songography (list of all known Subset tracks)



Darren Loucas - Vocals, Guitar
Dave Dederer - Bass

details here



Dave Dederer - Loaded

Duff McKagan - Vocals, Bass
Geoff Reading - Drums, Vocals
Dave Dederer - Guitar

Loaded recorded Japan only CD "Dark Days" with Dave Dederer.

The Gentlemen (formerly known as The Uptights)


Duff McKagan - Vocals, Bass
Dave Dederer - Vocals, Guitar
Jason Finn - Drums (2001)

Also known as The Gents

"The Gentlemen was a two-man band consisting of Duff McKagan and Dave Dederer (formerly of The Presidents Of The United States Of America). They were originally called The Uptights and later had a third member Jason Finn. They did some shows in 2000-2001. Album was planned to be released by Orange Recordings...." - source

Carrie and Dave


Carrie Akre - Vocals
Dave Dederer - Guitar

Carrie and Dave performed various shows in Seattle area.

The Iconics


The Iconics - Seattle All-Star Band
photo by nnlove

Chris Ballew - Vocals (PUSA)
Dave Dederer - Guitar (PUSA)
Andrew McKeag - Guitar (PUSA)
Mike Musburger - Drums (Posies / Fastbacks)
Jeff Fielder - Bass (Sera Cahoone)
Ty Bailie - Keyboard (Department Of Energy)

Seattle all-star band the Iconics