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Jason Finn - Bio - PUSA
Photo by Joanne

Jason Finn - Band History:

- in chronological order -

Bad Credit


Bad Credit - Jason Finn - Mike Wells - Poster - 1984

Jason Finn - Drums
Mike Wells - ?

"In '83 there was a really cool burgeoning little punk club scene downtown – mostly the Metropolis was the main one that I was going to a lot. I'd go to these shows a couple times a week and you'd realize that there are a lot of the same people showing up to these shows. You start talking to them and maybe one of them plays guitar or something. I started a band called Bad Credit with some people I met at Metropolis, one of whom was Mike Wells who was later in the Walkabouts. I was in the eleventh grade and bands like the Sharing Patrol, D.O.A. used to come down from Vancouver all the time, four or five times a year, March of Crimes, Bundle Of Hiss, which is the old band that Kurt Danielson from TAD, that was his first band. Dan Peters was in that band too, from Mudhoney. The Altered, Silly Killers, Deranged Diction – which featured a very young and punk Jeff Ament." - Jason Finn

Paisley Sin


Jason Finn - Drums

Paisley Sin was formed in 1984 in Seattle, Washington



Jason Finn - Drums

more details wanted!

Skin Yard


Skin Yard - Jason Finn - Promo

Ben McMillan - Vocals
Jack Endino - Guitar
Daniel House - Bass
Jason Finn - Drums

"Skin Yard was a grunge band from Seattle, Washington, who were active from 1985 to 1992. The group never gained any mainstream audience, but were an influence on their contemporaries – most notably Soundgarden, The Melvins, and Green River – alongside whom they are considered the early pioneers of the sound that would later be called grunge." Wikipedia



Thomas A. (Tad) Doyle - Vocals, Guitar
Johnny Clint - Vocals
Darren Peters - Bass
Jason Finn - Drums

Seattle band that was active in 1983-1988. More details wanted about lineup with Jason Finn. Year, photos etc..

Helios Creed


Helios Creed - Vocals, Guitar, Sampler
Daniel House - Bass
Jason Finn - Drums

Jason Finn's drumming can be heard on the official Helios Creed album "The Last Laugh" (1989). Produced by Jack Endino (Skin Yard)

Check out the Helios Greed tribute page for more info

Love Battery


Photo - Jason Finn - Love Battery - Promo #1

Photo - Jason Finn - Love Battery - Promo #2

Jason Finn - Drums (1989-2006)

"For the most part Love Battery was an unusual group in the early 90's Seattle music scene. Blending intense swirling psychedelic guitar work, pulsating rhythms, driving beats and heartfelt vocals derived from '60s garage/psych, '70s punk rock, '80s post punk and '90s grunge, their music was significantly more complex than most of the music associated with that era. Although they never achieved the commercial success of many of their contemporaries, they nonetheless retained a fervent cult following that continues to this day." - Wikipedia

Icky Joey


Jason Tillman -
David Lip - Vocals
David Rott-  Guitar
Ed Fotheringham - Guitar
Jason Finn - Drums

"This one-time Seattle project brought together Love Battery's rhythm section of Jason Finn and Jim Tillman with cult hero/artist Ed Fotheringham, who has since designed album covers for Mudhoney, Flop, the Muffs, and Love Battery. Besides the full-length Pooh, Icky Joey recorded a 45 with three album tracks and one previously unavailable song, "Marron Marron." " - Matt Carlson, All Music Guide

"Made up of Love Battery rhythm tag-team members Jason Finn and Jason Tillman, Icky Joey also featured vocalist David Lipe, guitarist David Rott, and guitarist/artist/Thrown-Up Ed Fotheringham. Icky Joey didn’t last too long, but they were signed to C/Z and left behind the Marron, Marron 7” EP, Pooh LP, and a song on Teriyaki Asthma Volume Four. Plus they opened for Madison, Wisconsin’s, all-time greatest band, Killdozer. Really, that’s quite a pedigree.

Musically and stylistically, Icky Joey was Grunge with a capital G. They had all the benchmarks: Jack Endino production, Charles Peterson photography, wah-wah solos, and that snotty-and-proud punk rock irreverence that quickly went away once the Seattle Sound went national. Hell, Steve Turner even made a guest appearance on their record!" - Lamestain

The Presidents Of The United States Of America


Chris Ballew - Vocals, Basitar, Keyboard
Dave Dederer - Guitbass, Vocals (1993-2004)
Jason Finn - Drums, Vocals
Andrew McKeag - Guitbass, Vocals (2004-present)

Also known as PUSA/PotUSA/The Presidents Of The USA.

Jason Finn joined the Presidents of the USA in 1993, and the Presidents were fully formed.

more details: Presidents of the USA songography (PUSA songs with details)



Kurt Bloch - Guitar, Drums
Lulu Gargiulo - Guitar, Vocals
Kim Warnick - Bass, Vocals
Jason Finn - Drums

"The Fastbacks were a pioneering Seattle band. Formed in 1979 by songwriter/guitarist Kurt Bloch (born August 28, 1960), and friends Lulu Gargiulo (guitar and vocals, born October 12, 1960) and Kim Warnick (bass and vocals, born April 7, 1959), they disbanded in 2001. Their sound mixed a generally punk rock approach to vocals and sound textures with poppy tunes and strong musicianship.

Although these three band members remained fairly constant, they went through numerous drummers, including Duff McKagan, later of Guns N' Roses. MTV's web page on the Fastbacks says that estimates at the number of Fastbacks drummers "range from 12 to 20."[1] For most of the band's last decade, Mike Musberger filled this role, but other Fastbacks drummers before him (or when he took occasional breaks) included Bloch himself, Richard Stuverud (perhaps best known from War Babies, Fifth Angel and now, Three Fish, side project of Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament), Nate Johnson and Rusty Willoughby (both of whom also played in both Flop and Pure Joy), John Moen (of the Dharma Bums, later of Steven Malkmus's Jicks and The Decemberists),Jason Finn (of the Presidents of the United States of America), Dan Peters of Mudhoney, and Tad Hutchison of the Young Fresh Fellows. Several of these people also served at times as drummers in The Squirrels, a similarly long-lived band, and the Fastbacks' sometime label-mates on Pop Llama Records, who bring a similar mix of strong musicianship and punk attitude to even poppier material." - Wikipedia

70 Proof


Photo - Promo - Jason Finn - 70 Proof

Kurt Bloch
Mike Musburger
Ben London
Paul Passereli
Ron Heathman
Eddie Spaghetti
Mark Hoyt
Jim Sangster
Joe Bass
Shawn Allen
Jason Finn
Jason Staczek
Andrew McKeag
and probably a few more

The world's most frighteningly authentic 70's cover band. There were often as many as 9 on stage at any given show

The Minus Five


Jason Finn - Drums

details here



Jim Sangster
Johnny Sangster
Jason Finn - Drums

details here

The Quitters


Chris Ballew - Vocals, Bass, Keyboard
Dave Dederer - Guitar
Jason Finn - Drums

Name Quitters appeared first time on Jason Finn's drum kit on the "Video Killed The Radio Star" video back in 1998. It was a reference about the Presidents quitting, but on 24th January 2000, mysterious song: "The Quitters - Jupiter" appeared on Musicblitz website. It was meant to be an one-off reunion to make a favor to an old friend that worked on Music blitz, but later on it lead to a whole new PUSA album.

"They quickly found out they couldn't use that name (The Quitters) and have reverted back to using The Presidents. "I liked the Quitters but apparently there's some band in Syracuse New York called The Quitters and they are extremely fond of their name. They found out we were using it and told us in no uncertain terms to stop. We liked the names The Quitters and if they hadn't of called us on it we would have kept using it" Dave said."

When the full album was done, the band wanted a new label in Australia, and they would really liked it to be Sony. Things might have gone wrong in the US, but the Presidents always liked the way how Sony Australia worked. Dave even wanted the band to tour Australia, but Chris wasn't interested.



 Subset (The Presidents Of The United States Of America + Sir Mix-A-Lot + Outtasite)

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Vocals
Chris Ballew - Vocals, Bass, Keyboard
Dave Dederer - Guitar, Bass
Jason Finn - Drums
Mike "Outtasite" Singleton - Vocals

"SUbSET was a much-anticipated collaboration between Seattle rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot and grunge jokesters the Presidents of the United States of America, albeit one that never quite got off the ground. The seeds of SUbSET were first planted circa 1997, with a collaborative Jimi Hendrix cover the original purpose. Instead, Mix and the Presidents -- guitarist Dave Dederer, bassist Chris Ballew, and drummer Jason Finn -- eventually worked on a bit of original material, drawing from their collective disillusionment with the music industry. Mix brought the Presidents on-stage to perform the result, "Addicted to the Fame," at a live gig in Seattle in 1998. The crowd went wild, and the quartet decided to pursue their unlikely new direction further, eventually christening themselves SUbSET. They played several showcase gigs in Seattle, and also recorded approximately one album's worth of material over 1999, provoking intense curiosity even beyond their own respective fan bases. SUbSET mounted a small-scale tour of the West Coast in early 2000, but unfortunately split up in its wake. Part of the reason was a lack of enthusiasm for the process of putting out and supporting a record, and musical differences also played a part (Mix wanted to experiment with alternative metal and industrial sounds). To date, none of the band's recordings have been officially released, though many have been leaked on the Internet." Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Subset - Songography (list of all known Subset tracks)

The Nevada Bachelors (1999-2001)

Rob Benson - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Mike Squires - Vocals, Guitar
Ben Brunn - Vocals, Bass
Jason Finn - Drums

"Nevada Bachelors are an American rock group formed in 1998 by Robb Benson. The bands lineup is rounded up by guitarist Mike Squires, bassist Ben Brunn and drummer Dusty Hayes. They released debut album Carrots & So On in 1998 through Pop Llama Records with a sound reminiscent of The Police. They toured in support of the album and played shows in their native Seattle supporting Death Cab for Cutie in 1998 and Fountains of Wayne in 1999.The Presidents of the United States of America drummer Jason Finn joined the group replacing Dusty Hayes. The group recorded and released their second and last album Hello Jupiter in 2000 and toured in support. Sometime in 2001 the group disbanded." - Wikipedia

Main release(s) with Jason Finn:

Hello Jupiter CD.



Adam Savage
Wil Wheaton
Paul and Storm
Jason Finn - Drums (special guest)

+ Dozens of other special guests.

For literalists, w00tstock is a live concert series that periodically appears in different cities:

* Hosted by Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton, and Paul and Storm
* Features different guest acts and short films in each city
* Has a mix of music; comedy; geeky short presentations; and thought-provoking stories
* Is scheduled to run roughly three hours, but YMMV
* Has a meet-and-greet reception with the hosts and guests after the performance

Or for the the metaphorically-minded, w00tstock is:

* Nerd Vaudeville / Geek Variety Show
* The best parts of a Convention rolled into a high-energy con

More details: Homepage

John Roderick (2010-)

John Roderick - Vocals
Jason Finn - Drums

More details wanted.