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The Presidents of the USA songs and recordings.

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balls - we will grow on you

Balls - We Will Grow On You (Elaterium Records, El-3), 1990
Bring Me The Foreskin of George Lincoln Rockwell / Shaky Moyuls
12" EP, Picture Sleeve. Limited and Hand-Numbered Edition of 300. B Side is screen printed.
Bass - Greg Wildes
Bass, Effects - Chris Ballew
Bass, Vocals - Mark Steven Brooks
Drums, Percussion - Phil Franklin

Caspar and Mollusk (Cosmic Records), 1994
Intro (by mollusk) / Twig (by caspar) / outro (by mollusk) / Swallow (by caspar) / Lint Cake #1 (by caspar) /Lint cake #2 (by caspar)
7" EP, Picture Sleeve. features Chris Ballew (caspar) and Beck (mollusk)

Supergroup - It's Not Like That Anymore
Supergroup - It's Not Like That Anymore, (Cosmic 004), 1995
It's Not Like That Anymore / Telepathic Cathy (Live)
7" vinyl, Picture Sleeve. B-Side Recorded live upstairs at the Middle East, Cambridge, MA.
Chris Ballew (PUSA & Mark Sandman (Morphine)