pusabase.com updated!

Official Live Tracks Guide is finally ready. Still couple of compilations missing details…which i finally ordered from amazon.com (used & new section is better than ebay btw).

Lyrics sections is also in much better shape, and now i can focus on adding more lyrics. If you have any missing lyrics, feel free to send them.

About 50+ shows got details edited once again. dozens of new posters, tickets, photo links, setlists, other bands…and I managed to find couple of missing shows too. Next week I’m gonna add dozen or two new shows. I worked full days with the site this week, and i think it pays up.

Oh! And there might be something extremely rare and special PUSA material coming up later this year. I got my hopes high on that one, and i really hope it goes through, so I can tell the story…

At your service:


Missing details wanted as always!