The Feelings Hijackers – Live Videos

The Feelings Hijackers – 2007-06-30 High Dive, Seattle, WA – Live Videos

I recently found a batch of old videos I have downloaded from all around the web. Presidents of the USA, Caspar Babypants, The Feelings Hijackers… Pretty much anything Chris Ballew & PUSA related. Starting from webcasts from late 90’s (Remember Real Audio?) to around early 2010’s. Good times! Of course I didn’t label them, because of course you can do that later on…Like 10 years later when everything is fresh in your memory. Maybe one day I will get motivation to update the Pusabase site too. It’s been what? 10 years…

Here are three videos from the TFH concert from High Dive, Seattle, WA.

Original videos were flash videos (remember flash?). 448×336, 15fps. Audio quality was really poor. I did my best to upgrade the video & audio. First time using AI to convert 15fps to 60fps. Worked like magic. Yeah, some parts are not perfect, but still better than the original slide show. 15 frames per second.

The Feelings Hijackers – Goodbye Sunny (Live)

The Feelings Hijackers – Dirty Limousine (Live)

The Feelings Hijackers – Venom Is No Cure (Live)

“This is The Feelings Hijackers, my singer Chris’s other band. They are doing a record release gig this Friday at the Hi Dive in Seattle’s historic Fremont neighborhood. It’s a duo, singin and rappin over tracks. BUT they have asked me to play drums on 6-8 songs to mark the specialness of the occasion. A little nerve-wracking, since they have a strict no-practice rule. “save it for the show” they say. Fine if you are a rapper or singer who has heard the tunes a hundred times making the record…for us ‘hired guns’ a run through of some sort would be appreciated! oh well, just gonna let my musical genius carry the mail on this one. ” – Jason Finn

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