My First Book Is Coming! Featuring the Presidents


It’s been over 3 years since I made an update on this blog. This time it’s something I never thought that would happen. I wrote a book! Can you believe it? I’ve been an anonymous Internet user since mid 90’s. It’s now over. I won’t be anonymous anymore. Of course some people knew my real name from the past, but I’ve always kept my privacy.

Even thought the title is about How Bruce Springsteen’s music saved my life, but it’s really my survival story. It’s about my high school years. Something I’ve shamed for a long time.

Yes, there is the Presidents of the USA content too. I have to give credit to the Presidents in this blog post too. If I would have never discovered the Presidents of the USA. I doubt I would have ended up doing anything creative in my life. The Presidents has been a huge part and inspiration in my life.

I’m sure that the book also explains why the Pusabase has been inactive so long.

Here’s the book details:

How Bruce Springsteen’s Music Saved My Life: The Story of a Bullied Boy.

It’s a true story of my high school years. Here’s the description from the Amazon website:

“Book will tell a true story how the writer survived from the bullying in high school. How it can affect a life of a teenager. What was his typical day as a bullied boy. Healing power of music and depression. Book will hit a dark territory with a recipe of a school shooter, and what we can do to prevent them from happening. How the writer really discovered the music Bruce Springsteen. Stories can be dark, but there’s always hope. Who is the book aimed for? It’s suitable for parents and their kids who are about to hit the high school life. It’s not all about Bruce Springsteen. Book for every music fan. Even for those who don’t like Bruce Springsteen.”

It’s around 17000 words long (or short). It’s the longest story I have ever written.

Price is just 3.49 euros. Not much higher than a cup of coffee these days or a price of a beer in a restaurant.

Release date: May 11, 2018

Buy the book from Amazon.

What’s next? Later in life I will set focus to my own music, with my own voice. I have released some instrumental music tracks, but those doesn’t define who I am. In the future I want to do all the things I have wanted to do. I won’t be silenced anymore.

Thanks for the support!

Oskari  (aka zeke)

PS. My marketing budget is 0 dollars. Any help is more than welcome!

PPS. Book has been proofread by a Fiverr member lanamowdy, you can find her gig by searching “proofread and edit your novel or ebook”. Fiverr allows us amateurs to publish more professional looking products with affordable prices.

Possible proceeds from this book goes to my solar panel fund project: . Getting solar panels installed to our roof. Every time I would look at the roof. I would think about writing this book. It would keep us warm, when it’s cold outside. It’s not a bad goal, if you ask me. Reducing our carbon footprint.