Torrent alert! The Giraffes – We Hear Music (2CD)

The Giraffes – We Hear Music – 2CD Unreleased Studio Album

The Giraffes - We Hear Music - cover

Source & Line Up: Master Wav files received from Chris Ballew -> SBE Fixes -> Flac

Edited and mastered by Chris Ballew

Track List:

CD 1:

01 Play Dough Smile
02 Bill
03 Stung
04 Cut Me Open
05 Grief
06 The Good ife
07 Tucked In Love
08 Orange Shag
09 Golden Nuggets
10 Radio Control
11 Sugar Mountain
12 Blood From a Stone
13 Mister Microphone
14 Outstanding You
15 Soul For Miles
16 Mellow Center
17 Slack For Your Man

CD 2:

01 Don’t Forget To Remember
02 Treasure Girl
03 Ribby Rib
04 Congratulations In Advance
05 Tuxedo Tornado
06 Queen Kathleen
07 Jellybean Brain
08 I Groove Way Too Much On You
09 Ride On a Knife
10 Boo Boo Cow
11 Manky Mimi
12 Hurt a Fly
13 Dead Man
14 Yer Cold Hands
15 Long Gone Wrong Song
16 Emergency Transmission


Chris Ballew: All instruments and vocals

Original cover art by Chris Ballew

SBE’s Fixed by

Out of the blue comes out this unreleased The Giraffes album “We Hear Music”, whopping 33 tracks of unreleased music.

The Giraffes started as a one man band, but later turned into a full-time band including drummer Mike Musburger (Fastbacks, Posies, Uptights), and multi-instrumentalist Jason Staczek.

“Founded by Chris Ballew, the former lead singer and songwriter for the multi-platinum artists The Presidents of the United States of America, The Giraffes’ first album, 13 Other Dimensions, was released in February 1998 and featured a made-up band of hand puppets invented by Chris. The group consists of Chris on acoustic guitar, Mike Musburger on drums and Jason Staczek on organ and clarinet.” – Written by Chris Ballew © 2000 Raw Poo Music (ASCAP)

More about The Giraffes:

Original email from Chris about this release:

“hey super fans!
SO I put a bunch of 8 track cassette stuff in the car a few weeks ago and I have been listening to it driving around. This is all stuff that never made its way onto a Giraffes record back in the day and I was a little blown away by some of it….enough so that I have decided to make a NEW Giraffes album JUST FOR YOU GUYS (and girl!).
I will send it to you via Hightail zipped up when it is finished (gotta do a little mastering and editing) and then you guys (and girl) can be the ones that share it with the world however you want. The only caveat is NO MONEY WILL CHANGE HANDS. I want this to be a FREE thank you record to you guys (and girl) primarily and then you can be the givers of the music to the others that would care out there in the world.
This will be a pretty juicy album with maybe a couple songs you have heard demos of but probably 99% totally unreleased and could top 30 tracks.
Why let the stuff rot on a hard drive right?
Gonna start plucking away at this soon…maybe release it in a couple weeks?
Cheers and I love you peeps!

SBE Fixes = Sector Boundary errors fixed. If you burn this old school style to a CD, now there won’t be annoying pops between tracks.

If you have the original wav files, you can fix them yourself too, using Trader’s Little Helper:

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