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Hello PUSA World!

Life goes so damn fast! It’s been almost 5 years since I have last time updated the PUSAbase site. And no…I still haven’t! Sorry!
Maybe, if the band gets back together, I’ll get an inspiration to update the site. Right now I’m focusing on my well-being. What I’ve been up to since 2014? 3 or 4 moves, lots of ups and downs. If you want to know more about my personal life. I wrote a book about it! Yeah, it was likely as me being a President or finding cure to a cancer (all types). Book has little about the Presidents of the USA too. Book has been proofread, unlike any other writings I’ve done.
Why I’m writing this? Because I know I have promised to update the site more than few times, and I still haven’t.
However. I have this new crazy solar panel project. Check out:

Support My Solar Panel Dream

Spotify link

Last summer I had an idea of getting my music available to the major music streaming services, and use all the gained revenue to buy a a solar panel system (20 panels or more). Although I don’t think I can reach that goal without a help. Here is how it works:

Currently the Solar Panel playlists holds total of 250 songs, and each time the playlist gets played from start to finish, it would add about one dollar to the solar panel budget (That’s my estimate). Now I need t o find 12000 people to listen my playlist(s) to cover all the costs. Music streaming services has hundreds of millions of users combined. So the goal should not be impossible?

My goal is to get the funds in 500 days. That would mean only 24 full playlist listens daily! This is where I’ll need your help!

1. Listen My Music on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Music, Deezer etc.:

Spotify playlist: Click here to listen!

Listen, follow and add following artists to you playlists:

DJ Solar Cell, Def Effin Efficiency, Lil Renewable, Sunlight Soul, Mad Beat Recycler

2. Buy my book: How Bruce Springsteen’s Music Saved My Life: The Story of a Bullied Boy

Springsteen Book

True story from my high school years. If you are wondering what kind of life long scars bullying gives, get the book!

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Thanks for supporting my solar panel goal!