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Best camera phone for rock concerts

Best concert camera phone? Nokia 808 PureView Finally there is a phone for us (concert goers). How many times you’ve seen a phone that records nice video, but the audio is distorted so badly, that you can’t enjoy it? Nokia has released a perfect camera phone for rock concert use called Nokia 808 PureView. I

PUSA related Blu-ray releases

I’m a big fan of Blu-ray releases, and I thought it’s time to list some of the upcoming cool Blu-ray releases.. Buying from Amazon links is also a cool way to support 🙂 1. Nirvana – Live At The Paramount (Blu-ray) Seattle, Grunge, Nirvana….Do I need to say more? I know there is a

Spotify released in the USA

Spotify – The best thing since the Internet Finally my friends in US can enjoy Spotify. The Best f-cking service since the Internet. I haven’t listened to CDs or MP3’s since the late 2008. If this music service ever goes down…I honestly don’t know how I can revert back to “MP3 days”. 🙂 Spotify is

Sidekick blog – “New” Blog from Pusabase

Sidekick blog – Music, Games, movies, computer stuff…. Few months ago I launched a new blog called “Sidekick blog” it’s running on the domain, and it has all the stuff I have always wanted to blog about. New band recommendations, games, videos… I wanted to keep this blog purely PUSA related, and now I