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The Presidents Of The USA / PUSA – Modern Rock Live 1996

From PUSA Yahoo Groups: “The Presidents of the United States Of America’s Chris Ballew and Dave Dederer answer listener questions about their (then) upcoming album “II,” and play acoustically in-studio. All commercially available songs have been edited out. Commercials were edited out at the time. Some station IDs remain. FM Radio source (93.7 KEGE, “The

Dave Dederer – TechFlash Podcast

Dave Dederer is a special guest on TechFlash Podcast (October 9, 2010). You can listen the podcast here: TechFlash Podcast 033 sound clip On location this week at the Grammy MusicTech Summit at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, we talk about the latest tech industry acquisitions — real, rumored and imagined — and talk

Interview Update – Chris Ballew music & art project collaboration – Jason Finn

I just updated my Dave Dederer interview with Duke’s O’Pop song “Untitled”, which you can now listen. (Request) Chris Ballew news from Facebook: “sittin round the dining room table sketching out the first CUTE SMART MUSIC AND ART collaboration with my little Kate….song and book!” “sketching out and writing verses for the first collaboration with