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PUSA Videos + Interviews + Covers

Some missed Presidents of the USA videos It’s been a while since I have searched for new PUSA videos, and here are some old and new videos you might have missed. Presidents of the USA – 1997 Recovery (Tiki God & Interview) “Recovery was a music and youth interests television series broadcast by ABC TV

Rarity Of The Day #13 – Ca Plane Pour Moi

Rarity Of The Day #13 – Presidents of the USA – Ca Plane Pour Moi (cover) – Live See Wikipedia for more info about the original song, while enjoying this PUSA rarity. Studio version was released on French single “Ca Plane Pour Moi” (three different versions of this single is circulating), and also on Presidents

Rarity Of The Day #11 – More Bad Times (PUSA)

Rarity Of The Day #11 – Presidents of the USA – More Bad Times (live) I wonder why they stopped playing this acoustic? Anyway…This song was originally done by Ed’s Redeeming Qualities. I tried to find a link to the original version, but I didn’t find any service that allows previewing it without registering or