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PUSA related Blu-ray releases

I’m a big fan of Blu-ray releases, and I thought it’s time to list some of the upcoming cool Blu-ray releases.. Buying from Amazon links is also a cool way to support Pusabase.com. 🙂 1. Nirvana – Live At The Paramount (Blu-ray) Seattle, Grunge, Nirvana….Do I need to say more? I know there is a

Time to get some X-mas gifts…

…as Amazon’s Black Friday started today: Some nice Blu-Ray discounts. Thanks to taxes (customs), can’t order much in same time. Here is my first “batch”: Roy Orbison: Black & White Night [Blu-ray] – $11.99 The Who At Kilburn: 1977 [Blu-ray] – $12.99 Spaceballs [Blu-ray] – $8.99 If you are looking for music releases. Check out

It’s finally here…

…something that was more waited than GNR’s Chinese Democracy. I’m talking about Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1: 1963-1972 Oh yes…I want the blu-ray edition. I better start saving up for x-mas. 🙂 Now we need to get Mr. Ballew to do same sort of archives project.