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Funky Boll Weevil cover

“Funky White Monkey perform their cover of “Boll Weevil” by the Presidents of the USA live at Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe in Greenville, SC.” Another fine example how you can make a cool cover, add something own to it! This one is even funkier than the original + cool guitar & bass parts. I agree with

Lump (acoustic) – Cover by Sammy Baker

One of the better Lump covers I have heard: Lump acoustic cover – Sammy Baker: Notes to other people planning to cover PUSA or any other songs: Great way to make a cover song is to turn the arrangement into something different…It surely works nicely on this one. Believe it or not, but this site

Rarity Of The Day #14 – Thursday (Morphine)

Rarity Of The Day #14 – Presidents of the USA – Thursday (Morphine cover) PUSA playing Thursday by the Morphine. Andrew is badly out of tune at the beginning, making this even more fun. 🙂 The Presidents Of The United States Of America – Thursday (Morphine cover) 2005-10-04 – The Fillmore New York at Irving

Rarity Of The Day #11 – More Bad Times (PUSA)

Rarity Of The Day #11 – Presidents of the USA – More Bad Times (live) I wonder why they stopped playing this acoustic? Anyway…This song was originally done by Ed’s Redeeming Qualities. I tried to find a link to the original version, but I didn’t find any service that allows previewing it without registering or