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Little Known A+ Albums…

…a great review about The Giraffes album 13 Other Dimensions: Little Known A+ Albums: #7: 13 Other Dimensions by The Giraffes – The Joepinion While talking about the Giraffes album, here is a review done by Mike Lyon from way way back: (thanks to archive.org. I managed to save it. Note to self: I need

Seattle Weekly – “Chris Ballew’s Back With Caspar Babypants”

Caspar Babypants gets more press coverage, and this time on Seattle Weekly: “Because the PUSA frontman doesn’t have enough side projects.“. Features some really really interesting details about Here I Am sale figures. It has already sold GOLD! Hah…not really, but it should. 🙂 While sales figures for Here I Am aren’t exactly soaring (he