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Lump (acoustic) – Cover by Sammy Baker

One of the better Lump covers I have heard: Lump acoustic cover – Sammy Baker: Notes to other people planning to cover PUSA or any other songs: Great way to make a cover song is to turn the arrangement into something different…It surely works nicely on this one. Believe it or not, but this site

Rarity Of The Day #4 Lump

Rarity Of The Day #4 – Presidents Of The USA – Lump – Earliest Circulating version Enjoy the earliest known version of Presidents of the USA performing their hit song Lump. Audience reactions are kinda strange, because you are used to hear audience cheering when the song kicks in…and now there is pretty much no

PUSA + Husky Marching Band (VIDEO)

The Presidents Of The United States Of America performing with the Husky Marching Band: 2010-09-11 – Husky Stadium, Seattle, WA – Lump / Louie Louie Believe it or not, but this site does not write it self. 🙂 Support pusabase and buy your health products from iHerb.com, and get a 5 dollar discount from your