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PUSA 2013-03-15 Roundhouse, Sydney, Australia

Presidents of the USA – 2013-03-15 – Roundhouse, Sydney, Australia Photo by Stef Rider Ticket: The Presidents Of The United States Of America with special guest Hey Geronimo and Ashes Date: March 15, 2013 Location: Roundhouse, Sydney, Australia Setlist & Videos:   //”PUSA Plays The Good One” Self-Titled album, in order// Kitty (Video #1) (Video

Interesting video clip from Sydney concert

While doing daily rounds on search engines. This is what I’ve found (and tons of other stuff): Live footage of Sydney concert recorded for television. Was the whole concert recorded for television? I don’t know, but i did send an email. Let’s see if i get any reply (I send out dozens of emails every