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Caspar Babypants – Sing Along! Review, Press & Interview special

Caspar Babypants – Sing Along! Reviews, Press Releases and Interviews I’m trying to collect everything related to the latest Caspar Babypants album “Sing Along!” under this blog post. (much easier for later archive hunting). 🙂 Please contact me, if your review/interview is missing from my list. Homepage: babypantsmusic.com Reviews: Must-Hear Music Monday: Sing Along with

Caspar Babypants – No Gimmicks

What makes Caspar Babypants so popular? Some people would say that Caspar Babypants get extra attention, because of Chris Ballew. Who? The lead singer of the band “The Presidents of the USA” (yeah that bald guy). Let’s see…. First Caspar Babypants album “THIS IS FUN!” only sold a couple of hundred copies on it’s first

Caspar Babypants – Sing Along! Review

Caspar Babypants – Sing Along! Review I wonder where are all the reviews about the upcoming Caspar Babypants album “Sing Along!”…. Previous album “This Is Fun!” was everywhere, long before the official release date. Anyway….here is my “Sing Along!” review… Caspar Babypants – Sing Along! Release date: August 16, 2011 (c) 2011 Aurora Elephant Music