Caspar Babypants – No Gimmicks

What makes Caspar Babypants so popular?

Caspar Babypants (Chris Ballew from the Presidents of the USA)

Some people would say that Caspar Babypants get extra attention, because of Chris Ballew. Who? The lead singer of the band “The Presidents of the USA” (yeah that bald guy). Let’s see….

First Caspar Babypants album “THIS IS FUN!” only sold a couple of hundred copies on it’s first months. That’s how much attention you get when you are the lead singer of a twice Grammy-nominated band, and have sold over 4 million records.

Chris does everything by himself: recording, mixing, mastering, running his own label, promoting, booking… Like he said a few months ago in the recent Issaquah Press interview: “It’s a total DIY, one-man thing, which I like. DIY is also my roots. That’s where I come from. I love that. I love that about Seattle. Just one of the things that I adore about Seattle, that people don’t sit around and wait for permission — they just do it. That’s always been that way, pre-Internet and everything.”

The word got out when Chris took the Caspar Babypants show on the road. More and more people showed up, and then came the second album “MORE PLEASE!” (2009), and when the third album “THIS IS FUN!” (2010) came out, Caspar Babypants was EVERYWHERE – with a marketing budget of $0.00!

How did this happen? There are no stage gimmicks, no funny stage clothes or props. Songs don’t have any teaching or preaching. Caspar Babypants songs are made purely out of fun and are completely unforced, and this is something you can’t fake. Kids are the hardest audience that there is…you know? 🙂

Thanks to Chris Ballew’s skills to improvise during live shows, Caspar Babypants’ shows are always fresh and funny, which is one of the reasons why Caspar Babypants’ shows are sold out nearly every time.

By the amount of fan videos that are out there, you can tell that parents are into Caspar Babypants too. See Caspar Babypants’ Youtube-channel.

Recent comment on Chris Ballew’s Facebook wall:

Valentina: “Your music is the only music my 11-year-old, 8-year-old, and 10-month-old can agree upon in the car! Go figure! Thanks for bringing peace to long car rides.”

This pretty much explains the whole Caspar Babypants phenomenon, and the philosophy behind the music of Caspar Babypants. Keeping families relaxed, relieving stress and tension, bringing families together…and of course bringing peace to those long car rides.

“Sing Along!” A new release by Caspar Babypants is out due August 16, 2011.

More details at:

Caspar Babypants on Facebook

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