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1994 - Concert Dates


1994-01-28 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA



with Lync


This is the show where Beck met Chris Ballew. The book "Love Rock Revolution" describes it like this: "In the middle of Beck's set at the small rock club, a tape containing the backing track to "Loser" malfunctioned. In an attempt to help salvage the song, Ballew jumped on stage with a harmonica and continued to play the repetitive guitar track while Beck sang. The song ended with the two musicians rolling around the stage together, laughing wildly."

1994-01-29 OK Hotel, Seattle, WA

Chris Ballew joins the stage on Beck show (Beck Hansen), whom he had seen perform on previous night (in Crocodile Cafe, Seattle) for the first time.

"He played at The OK Hotel the next night and I went to that show, too. His DAT player that was playing the backing tracks for ‘Loser’ broke, so I hopped up onstage with a bunch of harmonicas and we had a harmonica duel and saved the show [laughs]" - Chris Ballew (interview by One Louder Magazine)

Chris Ballew joins the Beck's touring band as "multi-instrumentalist" in February.

1994-03-01 KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic, Santa Monica, CA

Bogusflow / Interview / Dead Man with No Heart / Interview / Hard to Compete / Interview / Howling Wolves (Bon Jovi in a Vacuum Cleaner) / Interview / It's All In Your Mind / Interview / Totally Confused / Interview / It's All Gonna Come To Be

Beck and Chris Ballew goof off on Beck's second KCRW appearance

FM tape
1994-03-08 KXLU, Los Angeles, CA

Bedroom Light / Super Christ / Super Funky

One of Beck's many appearances at KXLU. On this day he was jamming with Thurston Moore and Chris Ballew. This set was released by Geffen on an extremely rare promo cassette. Chris Ballew is introduced as a special guest.

FM tape
1994-03-24 Criminal Records, Atlanta, Georgia

Frat Rock (YouTube) / Wooly Bully (YouTube)/ Full Of Shit (YouTube) / John Hardy (YouTube) / My Own Best Enemy / I Get Lonesome / Old Timer / New Wave Softy

Audience Video


This was a show in a record store, presumably the day of the March 1994 show in Atlanta. (Beck says "we'll be rocking later!" at the end.) Also presumably, he was promoting Mellow Gold which was released around then. But you know, who cares about that? Beck didn't play any songs from it, "Loser" or otherwise. In fact, he didn't play anything remotely familiar to anyone. They jammed some bluesy punk rock, stomped some cardboard boxes, and added a cover of a That Dog song.

The show surfaced in 2009, when the record store put the video up on its website. A beautiful thing! This is an exciting show to watch.
1994-03-08 Duke University Coffee House, Durham, NC

The Wizard / The F**ked Up Blues / I Get Lonesome / Bogusflow / One Foot in the Grave / The Spirit Moves Me / F**kin With My Head (Mountain Dew Rock)

Beck's Mellow Gold North American Tour 1 (East). Chris Ballew plays Electric Guitar + Slide Guitar

Audience tape
1994-05-04 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA

TV Eye / Boll Weevil / Body / Lunatic To Love / Confusion / Tremolo Blooz / Kitty / F**k California / Nasty Masty / Little Indian Princess / Stranger / Naked And Famous / Candy Cigarette / Puffy Little Shoes / Carolyn's Booty / We're Not Gonna Make It

Only known performance of Nasty Masty. Written By Dave Dederer's sister Claire.

This is the earliest circulating PUSA live material.

Audience tape

The Presidents opened for Kevn & Mickel Kinney & Peter Buck


Read more info about the "Nasty Masty"

"...I was suspecting that the opening band may be r.e.m. performing under one of their pseudonyms (e.g., Hornets Attack Victor Mature) because really, who would name a band the Presidents of the United States of America? I was ready to roll tape if I recognized anyone getting on stage. Out came Jason Finn (being a Love Battery fan, I recognized him instantly)and I got ready to record...

And I am really, really, REALLY glad I did. Christ, how could you not love these guys? What a score to stumble upon and have the extra tapes at the ready! I went back to Portland and started spreading the gospel of the Presidents to anyone who would listen." - Geech

Earliest circulating PUSA live material that we know.



"When I booked the Presidents of the United States of America, they had a different name up to that point. They were local guys, so I thought, “These guys are pretty cool. I’m going to book them.” They had apparently been building up a little bit of a following already just by playing live, and they changed their name to the Presidents of the United States of America right before the show I had them do. I was like, “I guess I’ll give them a Thursday night or whatever.” The place was crawling with people who were singing along with songs already, before the record even came out. I was like, “Oh, man — I really stumbled on something here. These guys are definitely going somewhere.” They were so great live early on — just so infectious" - Scott McCaughey:



1994-05-05 Moe's, Seattle, WA

Poster - 1994-05-05 - Moe', Seattle, WA  PUSA / POTUSA


PUSA Played under name The Vice Presidents Of The United States Of America (also written on poster).

Who was this mystical substitute drummer?

Other Info:

"This was all done around the time that the presidents were the hottest act in Seattle. at this show the drummer couldn't make it, so they had a substitute and decided to bill themselves as "the Vice-presidents of the United states of America" instead." - Poster info from Web.

"The Posies don't get much chance to play their hometown anymore - they're just back from a tour of Europe, where they're BIG stars - but the boys rock out tonight at the Mo'Roc'N Cafe. If you think of the Posies as melodic and Beatlesque, as they are on record, you must see them live. They are intense. Also on the bill is the Minus 5, featuring the always fun Scott McCaughey of Young Fresh Fellows, as well as Aminature." - The Seattle Times

Strangely the newspaper doesn't mention PUSA, and the poster of the show doesn't mention The Posies. Maybe The Posies gig was cancelled?
1994-05-16 Moe's, Seattle, WA


1994-06-01 The Romper Room, Seattle, WA




Info from the book: Grunge Diaries: Seattle, 1990-1994. It dates this show as 1993, but it has to be 1994.
1994-06-19 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA


1994-07-02 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA


1994-07-15 Moe's, Seattle, WA
Poster - PUSA / POTUSA / Presidents Of The United States Of America + Guests


1994-07-23 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA


with G. Love & Special Sauce
1994-09-03 Bumbershoot Showcase, Moe's, Seattle, WA


Poster - 1994-09-02 - PUSA, Skiploader, Stuntman, Pilot, Munkefinger


"ASCAP's Best Kept Secrets Bumbershoot showcase."

T-shirts were given to first hundred people.

with Skiploader, Stuntman, Pilot and Munkefiger




1994-09-16 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA


with Los Hornets and (from San Diego), the Rugburns
1994-09-17 OK Hotel, Seattle, WA


with Sister Psychic
1994-10-02 Nickelodeon's Big Help-A-Thon
This would have been the date for Nickelodeon's first annual Big Help-a-thon. Which some sites claim that was the first TV performance by The Presidents of USA. Their first TV performance was on The Spud Goodman Show in November 1994.

Although, they did play at second annual Big Help-A-Thon in 1995.
1994-10-08 Moe's, Seattle, WA

1994 moe's poster


Poster - Presidents Of The USA - PUSA - Moe's Seattle, 1994


with Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver, Motoroaster and Creamer.


10 years later Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver's Andrew McKeag joins the Presidents of the USA.
1994-11-05 RKCNDY, Seattle, WA

PUSA sticker


Flop and the Presidents of the United States at RKCNDY
1994-11-06 Pike Place Market Rally, Seattle, WA

1994 Photo of Presidents Of The USA / PUSA meeting Bill Clinton


with Posies


The Presidents play at a Democratic rally downtown and have their pictures taken with President Clinton.

"Before Clinton arrived for the rally, it was the bands Presidents of the United States of America and the Posies who worked to motivate the partisan crowd. For the Presidents, a budding Seattle rock band, it was a chance for "the ultimate photo-op, man," said drummer Jason Finn."

""He shook our hands, we gave him a T-shirt, the whole thing took 10 seconds," says the Presidents' co-founder Dave Dederer. "I'm not sure if he even heard us play though, so we sent him some CDs--one for him, one for Chelsea. But now that we're getting played on MTV I bet Chelsea knows who we are, anyway. If we continue to have success, we hope to play the next Democratic Convention." - 1995

PUSA talk:

"The was the weirdest shit," recalls Jason. "We got a call asking If we'd play for Bill Clinton at Pike Place Market on the Sunday. We already had a show planned for the night before in front of a lot of major label people, so we knew we'd have to get up early to appear with the Presidents"

"We got the gig because I used to work for the guy who organizes Clinton's events whenever he comes to town," continues Dederer. "We were just getting hot and they needed some kind of entertainment that people of all age could enjoy."

1994-11-06 The Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA


with Gary Bunch and Screaming Jam Chains

1994-11-08 The Spud Goodman Show (KTZZ-TV), Seattle, WA

Feather Pluckin (YouTube) / Supermodel (YouTube)

The Spud Goodman Show (taping date), airing date was later that month. First TV Show by The Presidents.
1994-11-16 Weathered Wall, Seattle, WA


"We played once or twice at the weathered wall and i remember these shows as probably as crowded as any we ever played. The venue was oversold and there were more people trying to get in outside." - Dave Dederer


Thursday, the (local) Presidents Of The United States, who opened for Bill at the Pike Place Market rally last Sunday and will probably use their presidentially augmented group picture for an album cover, will headline at the Weathered Wall. It's a Thorozine magazine show.
1994-11-17 RKCNDY, Seattle, WA


Flop and the Presidents of the United States at RKCNDY
1994-11-26 Mt. Tabor Theater, Portland, OR

Kick Out The Jams / Lunatic To Love / Puffy Little Shoes / Supermodel / Kitty / Candy Cigarette / Feather Pluckin / Dune Buggy / Little Indian Princess / Back Porch / Lump / Naked And Famous / Peaches

Audience tape
1994-11-30 Ocean Aid Benefit, The Backstage, Seattle, WA


with Sister Psychic, Pilot, The Lemons


"Seattle groups Sister Psychic and the Presidents of the United States and Portland band Pilot will drum up support for Ocean Aid, an environmental education campaign that uses musical events to raise public awareness of ocean-related issues. A benefit concert for Ocean Aid is Wednesday night at 8:30 at The Backstage, 2208 N.W. Market St. Admission is $6."

"Seattle's participation will be Wednesday at the Backstage. Featured will be the Presidents of the United States, whose many songs about amphibious creatures, plus the fact that they're one of the most entertaining bands slogging the Seattle circuit, make them a perfect catch. Also on the bill is the excellent Sister Psychic, whose last album included the tracks "Blue River" and "I Can't Breathe," and the fine band Pilot (any further fish references are unnecessary). Show time is 8:30 p.m.; tickets are $6. Good show, good price, good cause."
1994-12-13 Moe's, Seattle, WA


Presidents played a 45min set without Jason. There was no substitute drummer.

with Brave Little Birds

1994-12-31 Mo'Roc'n Cafe, Seattle, WA

Video Killed The Radio Star / Kick Out The Jams

rest of the setlist remains unknown.

with Los Hornets and Sicko


"The Presidents of the United States - singing about frogs and sex - will be at Moe with Sicko and Los Hornets. Special guests and surprises are promised."