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2003 - Concert Dates

The Presidents Of The United States Of America (PUSA):

Lineup: Chris Ballew (Vocals, Basitar), Dave Dederer (Guitbass, Vocals) and Jason Finn (Drums, Vocals)

Chris and Tad (aka Chris and Tad show):

Lineup: Chris Ballew, Tad Hutchison

2003-03-04 Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA


Chris & Tad Show
2003-03-12 SXSW - Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX


Poster - PUSA / Presidents Of the USA - 03


with Walking 49, Big Green Machine, Dune TX and Faceplant
2003-03-13 Old Concrete Street Amphitheater, Corpus Christi, TX



2003-03-15 South By Southwest (SXSW), Town Lake Stage at Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX

Kick Out the Jams / Boll Weevil / Feather Pluckn / Drool at You / Naked and Famous / Lump / Highway Forever / Kitty / Dune Buggy / Jilted on the Tarmac by You / Body / Some Postman / Peaches / We're Not Gonna Make It

with Reckless Kelly, Alejandro Escovedo, Joe Jackson Band, Concrete Blonde

Audience Tape



"Mary Lou Lord takes the slow road back into the spotlight:

She recalls one impromptu show during South by Southwest in Austin last year (2003): "Chris Ballew [from the Presidents of the USA] walked by and caught me busking, and I talked him into coming up and joining me. The girls watching didn’t recognize him, since he hadn’t been on MTV for a while, and he started making up a song about their birthday. And the girls picked up the box, passing it around and saying, ‘Give him money, he’s good!’ I know that brought him back to when he used to play Harvard Square. Those kind of moments are priceless."

Brett Milano - Boston Phoenix (Issue Date: February 20 - 26, 2004)"

2003-03-17 Austin, TX


2003-03-21 Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

PUSA Rehearsal sessions

2003-03-22 The Showbox, Seattle, WA


with Fitness and Anna Oxygen
2003-03-24 Food Lion Speed Street (Miller Lite Stage), Charlotte Center City, Charlotte, NC


Food Lion Speed Street Festival

with Hipshack, Sideways Eight, Hobex, Was Gurus, Bobby Messano
2003-03-28 Seattle, WA


2003-03-29 KeyArena, Seattle, WA


PUSA played after the Sonics game.
2003-04-02 Northwest Impact Awards, Seattle, WA

Soundcheck: Problems (Sex Pistols cover)


PUSA w/ Krist Novoselic (Nirvana)

2003-04-18 Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA


The Chris and Tad Show
2003-05-04 Princeton University, Princeton Tower Club, Princeton, New Jersey

Kick Out The Jams / Boll Weevil / Supernova - Baby You're A Rich Man / Drool At You / Naked and Famous / Lump / Video Killed The Radio Star / Sweet Emotion (snipped) / Lunatic To Love / Stranger / Useless Crushes / Back Porch / Jilted On The Tarmac / Dune Buggy / Short Wave / Kitty / Froggy / Mach 5 / Body / Some Postman / Peaches / Problems (Sex Pistols) / Tiki God / Candy Cigarette (short try) / Highway Forever / Candy / We're Not Gonna Make it

2003-05-15 Chilkoot Charlie's, Anchorage, AK


2003-05-17 Seattle University, Quadstock, Seattle, WA


Concert was moved indoors due rain.

with Home Grown and Fates End.


PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: 3:30 p.m. The Seattle pop-rock band headlines Quadstock, Seattle University's 13th annual
 outdoor music festival, at the Quadrangle, 900 Broadway. Also appearing are Home Grown and Fates End. In the event of rain, the festival will move to the south gym at the university's Connelly Center. Tickets: $10, at the gate. 206-296-6464.
2003-05-24 600 Festival, Miller Beer Main Stage/Food Lion Speedstreet, Main Square in Downtown Charlotte, Charlotte, NC


Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR Race Weekend
2003-05-30 Elmwood Park, Roanoke, VA

Cool Time(?) / Kick Out The Jams / Boll Weevil / Feather Pluckin' / Baby You're A Rich Man / Lunatic To Love / Jilted On The Tarmac By You / Naked & Famous / Lump / Dune Buggy / Back Porch / Froggie / Video Killed The Radio Stars / Kitty / Mach 5 / Body / Some Postman / Problems / Highway Forever / Candy / We're Not Gonna Make It

Audience Tape


Ok, here it is, a few days after the fact and i'm finally able to get online and post about the coolest show I've been to in a LOOOONG while. Some of this has already been said, but this is my version of the recap, or something. Yeah.

Met Jaq in Bethesda and we treked to VA at around 2pm, made it there by 6 (i drive kinda fast). Soon after arriving we met up with Greg, Jay & his son Colin and Sara and her friend Jenn. It was so cool to finally meet you guys and get the different stories of what songs you dig, how long a trip you took to get there and the like. You guys deffinatly made the experience of my first PUSA show that much more memorable.

After about an hour of sitting through bands called HANDJOB or whatever and FROTTER (sounds like something you scream when you're on fire)the guys finally showed up and we all traveled backstage to meet and greet. Chris spotted Jaq immediately and recognized him on sight! Lucky bastich. I introduced myself and Chris recognized my name from our correspondence and told us that he had passes waiting at the front gate fro Jaq and I and if we had gotten them. Since we didn't even know about them we didn't, but the gesture was still awesome that he thought of us like that! Chris mentioned that they're going to re-release the self titled album sometime in the summer with new tracks, then a possible DVD with the videos to LUMP and PEACHES as well as a making of docu, and finally a brand spanking new album. Awesome. Colin got his guitar signed (genius idea) and Greg got his hat signed since he didn't think to bring anything for them to sign. I didn't either, and my camera's batteries had died the night before, so i brought NOTHING but my scrawny self and i'm still kicking my own ass for that one. If anyone managed to get me in a shot they took send it my way (I know Jay took a pic of Greg & CB with my head showing up in the bottom corner like some demented leprchan or something...that'll do for now).

After much starstruck-ed-ness, we finally left the guys alone to work on the setlist and waited for the show. After one more band, Georgia Avenue (who sounded like John Mayer beating the crap out of the Goo Goo Dolls for f**king up a Counting Crows cover) they announced that PUSA would be on stage soon. Cue the mad rush of PUSA fans to the front of the stage. We got all the way to the front and stayed there the entire show while Jaq & Jay stayed a bit back and taped the show. Colin and Sara at the very front (as they were the shortest) and Greg and I hanging back just behind them with Jenn and Greg's friend Allison whom he met at the front gates. We were joined by a little junior PUSA fan named Logan who had to be about 6 years old. His dad wanted him to get as close as possible so we got him to the very edge of the stage and surrounded him, in case any "festive dancing" decided to partake in the crowd. We took it as our charge to keep an eye on the small fry and keep him out of harms way so he could enjoy the show, and his father seemed appreciative.

The show began. Chris came out ready to rok and they started playeding some tune we hadn't heard before. I guess you could call it "Cool Time", a sort of newer "Ladies & Gentlemen", but with Chris making up the lyrics about the current venue, and all the stuff at the Festival (funnel cake and turkey legs). Despite it's slow start, it became a good roker to beging with, then they kicked into "Kick Out the Jams". The show pretty much took the same setlist as the early shows, which roked. Some newer tunes were "Jilted On The Tarmac" (Chris & Tad, with Jason singing Tad's verse) "Some Postman" (which totally roked despite Chris saying he f**ked up the words) and they brought out the Angry Chef for the guitar noodles in Naked & Famous. I don't know who this guy really was, but he looked ike Neil Young on speed. But man, can he wail. Too cool.

The show ended far too soon, but an encore was eminent. The guys came back out and roked "Problems" (a Sex Pistols cover) as well as "Highway Forever" (totally new tune, it seemed) with the Angry Chef returning and Dave and he having some sort of Guitar Battle with Chris stomping around the stage like some demented bald Godzilla. I can't wait to see this on the vid.

The show ended. Greg was a hero for the whole evening for keeping the crowd surfers off the girls, except for a few who had decided to use Jenn's head as a landing pad. Logan skipped out after the first 4 songs which was just as well since he prolly would have gotten crushed anyway, despite our best efforts. I had a huge headache since i was standing RIGHT in front and i hadn't eaten anything since noon. The evening still wasn't over, however, as we learned earlier that the band was going to hang with whoever wanted at some ritzy bar called THE METRO just up the street. Sara and Jenn had to leave since Jenn was about to pass out from a near concussion (i hope she's ok) so it was just the few of us remaining.

We get to the club and BOY is it hoity toity. $20 a plate, and that's without any FOOD on it. We decide to head up the street for gub, as the band won't be there for another 45 minutes anyway. We eat at the CORNED BEEF, named since...uh, since they serve corned beef, i guess. Salty corned beef too. Anyway, now fed, we trek back to the club. We head upstairs to where the guys are and see Chris tearing up the dancefloor like a madman. A full rok show and he's still pumped as ever. There's a bachelor party at the next tabel, and Chris is interacting with them like he's known them for years. And somehow, he doesn't seem like he fits in with them totally (mainly b.c they're all HUGE black guys who loot like footballplayers) but he still slides up to them without a care in the world, making them laugh and get down with their bad selves. We chill with the guys for a bot, Jaq is mistaken for Chris no fewer than 5 times in the entire evening, and we finally have to get back on the road. Before we leave, we say goodbye to Jason, Dave & Chris. Then, the coolest thing happend.

At the last moment, Chris puts his arm around Jaq and I and says "I'm glad i have you two here in person to say this to. It's because of you guys that we still do this. I just want to thank you."

Wow. To say Chris and the guys are appreciative of their fans is an understatement. I was so psyched then. All i could do was grin back and say "thanks". Despite my pounding headache, it was the coolest moment of the whole day.

Thanks to all who made the trip fun, and we'll deffinately have to do it all again, assuming they head this way soon ( i wish i could make it to the show on Sat, but alas). Now, to copy some, my shout outs...

Jaq - Great to finally meet you after all these years. I don't think that without you we would have gotten as far with meeting the guys as we did. Thanks for ZF and driving the leg back to Bethesda.

Greg - You're an Ace dude. A total roker who watches out for the ladies. You seriously need to rent yourself out as crowd control for shows, you could make some serious coin (as well as picking up a few numbers)

Sara - Thanks for putting up with my mindless cornball jokes. Glad I kept you, Jenn & Greg entertained before the real stuff happened. Hope Jenn's ok and your trip was safe.

Jay & Colin - We'll trade shows soon. Cool to finally put a face to the name on the list, as well as meeting the coolest mini roker there is. You're trained your son well, Jay. Now get him to more shows so he can get Chris' moves down and all will be well.

Whew. Long e-mails from me are few and far between. Time to do something else for a while and not post for a few months.

Insane Ian
2003-06-07 Celebrate Fairfax, Fairfax, VA
No show!

"Note that this show actually took place on Sunday, June 8, not on June 7. It was scheduled for Saturday night, but violent thunderstorms forced the show to be rescheduled for the next afternoon before John Kay and Steppenwolf's gig." - Dan H.
2003-06-08 Celebrate Fairfax, Fairfax, VA
Kick Out the Jams / Boll Weevil / Feather Pluckn / Highway Forever / Naked and Famous / Lump / Lunatic to Love / Video Killed the Radio Star / Back Porch / Dueling Banjos / Dune Buggy / Tiki God / Death Star (one chorus, by request) / Kitty / Froggie / Mach 5 / Body / Peaches / We Are Not Going To Make It

with John Kay and Steppenwolf
2003-07-12 Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle, WA

Presidents of the USA - Capitol Hill Block Party - Poster 2003

Video Killed The Radio Star / Highway Forever / Jilted On Tarmac / Problems (Sex Pistols cover) / Poke And Destroy

Incomplete setlist & unknown order. Mike Musburger on drums. Jason had a broken ankle.

with Pretty Girls Make Graves, Visqueen, Erase Erata


I got there around five, watched a couple of the bands before PUSA. Nothing too exciting..After the band before them was finished, I grabbed my friend and pulled him through the crowd to get a spot right next to the stage. I ended up right next to the speakers on the right side. Round eight they started setting up...hehe the funniest thing. The 'setup crew' comes out wearing big ole long mullet wigs, fake mustaches, hats and sunglasses..It was so blatently obvious it was Chris, Dave, and Mike ^_^. Pretty funny.

The show was awesome, as all of you know who have seen em live. Jason was 'backstage', if that's what you could call was a pretty small stage. Lots of moshing going on, people throwing elbows..I got someone dropped on my head, and slammed into the stage a few times, but there was no way I was moving! Setlist..hmm..well, most of there stuff was from the self titled album and II..with the exception of 'Video Killed the Radio Star', 'Highway', 'Jilted', 'Problems'....hmm. i think that was it. oh! and 'Poke and Distroy' (my new fave PUSA song!) I had Dave on my side, and he did a lotta playing out into the crowd..I have a few pics of him like, hovering right over me and jamming! Whoo! It was an awesome, I'm still glowing!

Only thing that made me a little mad was the fact that I had my eyes on Dave's setlist that was taped to the stage...I wanted it so bad! But, the guy who ALSO got Dave's extra pick was that sucked. Afterwards the stage crew threw the wigs out into the crowd...I didn't get one of those, either. But I DID get to shake Chris's hand!! Yay! I was (and still am) starstruck.. :P Too bad I had to wash my hands today for work, I would have never washed it!...well, maybe after awhile. :)

Well.....I've never really written a review before, so I guess that's about it. The show was great..It's been about four years since I last saw them at La Luna in Seattle, when they were touring for II..I'm happy to finally have gotten to see them again! If anyone has any questions or wants any elaborations feel free to ask, since I'm just rambling on and on and probly let out a bunch of stuff. That's it for now, I suppose!

2003-08-08 Brookhaven Amphitheatre, Farmingville, Long Island, NY


with Sponge, Spin Doctors
2003-09-06 Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA



See photos from this gig



And my weekend-o-concerts continues... and it most definately peaked tonight!!! I suppose you wouldn't believe me if I said it was the best presidents concert ever... but it certainly rocked my socks off, and kept all us froggies bouncing up and down all night. Here's how it went down. Let me tell you a little story OK? OK it goes like this:

Last month... I log onto ticketmaster to see if the presidents have added any more dates to their scattered touring schedule, and low and behold, not one but two dates in southern california!!! I quickly email Staci to try to verify... and for a while nothing is certain, but finally yes! She emails me back and says both shows are a go. Now if your life is anything like mine... all your friends know you as that guy who likes that peaches band that used to be around. Well it was finally my chance to tell everyone that I was finally going to a real presidents concert and everyone was welcome to come to see how much they really rock. Of the people I invite to come, one of them is my friend Jacqui, who is an editor for our college newspaper, the daily trojan. Anyhow, I met Jacqui last year because we were both RAs in the same building complex, and we immediately became friends when I found out she was from Seattle!! Actually, Kenmore Washington, but close enough! She at least knew about the presidents, had been to their shows, had seen a subset and chris and tad show, and was just a cool chick. Shes not hardcore like me, but she at least knows good music!

So out of the blue, Jacqui calls me up and tells me that she called Staci on the phone, and was going to interview Dave and Jason for an article in the Daily Trojan! And was there anything I wanted to ask them!!! Holy Shit!!! I thought that was soo cool. She did phone interviews with both of them (they thought it was cool that her cell phone area code was Seattle) and wrote an article that ran in our school newspaper last thursday. You can check it out online at this link!

Anyhow... theres nothing in there that I didn't know already, but I thought it was cool anyways that everyone at USC (18,000 enrolled undergrad students) would see the article. I was giddy walking around campus with everyone who was holding the paper. Although I didnt hear anyone reacting to the article, in my head everyone was. It was a really cool article just for the fact it told all these USC people the band is still around, and it let them know about the upcoming shows. The one thing that kind of sucked, however, was that the first show was on the night of our Nationally Ranked Football teams first Home Game!!! I really doubted people would want to miss the first game of the season to see the show, especially with all the parties that would be going on after we would win (which we did, 35- 18) But to me... I can go to plenty of other football games. Of course I still went to the first half of this game, because I'm a huge fan and got caught up in all the hype, and screamed my head off for a while, until I realized I should start saving my voice! After all, my hearing was still ringing after two loud concerts in a row, I didnt need to be deaf and dumb for my first full PUSA concert!

So we left for the concert around 7, me, Jacqui, and my friend Chris who relluctantly came along because he promised before he knew the game was that day, and he told me he's not the kind of guy that breaks a promise. I told him he wouldn't be sorry. He's an AC-DC hardcore fan, so the presidents to him have always seemed a little beneath him. But anyways, we all got in the car and drove down. When we got off the free way, it was 10min to 8, so I wanted to grab some food before I went in the club. I scarffed down a burger from Carls Jr. (a fast food place, I dont know if most of you have them where you live, but its good food) And got to the club by 8pm when the opening band was scheduled to play. I'd never been to this place before (although there was a Subset Show here back in 1999, but the Subset show I went to was at House of Blues in Los Angeles) so I didn't know what to expect. Inside... not only was it a club... but it was a sit down restaurant! Doh! I just ate! Oh well, we took a table anyways and ordered some drinks, and sat through the two opening bands. But before that, Jason and a friend of his came walking past our table, and I flagged him down, "Hey Jason!" and he came over and talked to us. He said he liked my shirt (I was wearing a subset t-shirt with the dynamite stick on it). Then he shook my hand. Then Jacqui told him that they had talked on the phone, and we talked about that, and then I told him I had just scarffed some Calrs Jr. and it was a cool conversation, he was super nice like everyone says. So then he left and the opening bands came on. First band, 1000 pounds, were old guys who played heavy riff rock. Second band, Halo Friendlys, was an all chick punk band that couldn't play for shit, but weren't bad to look at (like most chick bands?)

When their set ended, I moved to the floor, and got as far up to the stage as I could go (only 3 people in front of me) and thats when I started to take in the crowd. Lots of high schoolers and young college people (I knew because they all had these big Xs on their wrists which indicated they were not old enough to drink, haha) And I looked around, and I saw like 15 people in USC gear!!! I started tapping them on the shoulder, "hey, how did you hear about this show?" "It was in the paper" "Dude!!! My friend right here wrote that!!!" "Whoa! Man, I read it and I couldn't believe it was true, I had to go" etc. etc. Pretty much everyone with USC gear had a similar story! That was so cool to learn that presidents fans are always hiding out there, making me think Im the only freaken one in USC... and all of California. And then I looked around some more, and there were like, 8, 10 people wearing old school Seattle Supersonics Jerseys. I knew they would get mad props for wearing those. And they did. I myself was wearing my subset t-shirt, to show off my hardcoreness and diferentiate myself from any pusa fans that busted out their old presidents t-shirts they havent worn since 1996. However, I was shocked to see this guy was wearing the exact same shirt! Shit!!! That was crazy! Stole my thunder a little bit, but was glad to see more fans knew about the side project stuff.

Ok Ok, so I can now finally talk about the PRESIDENTS actaully roking now, for those who were wondering if I would ever get to it. They opened the show with Kick Out The Jams, then Boll Weevil, then I dont remember the order after that, but they played everysong from self titled except for Candy, and they also played Lunatic to Love, Mach 5, Froggie, Video Killed the Radio Star, and the new songs they played were Highway Forever, Some Postman is Grooving, Poke and Destroy, and Problems. So lets see, thats like 20 songs!

Oh My Gawd, they sounded so AMAZING live. It was incredible. And the best part was that so many of the fans were lively, animated, and singing along to all the words. I totally did not expect people to be like that. I think the presidents were surprised as well. I mean, this crowd loved loved loved loved LOVED them!!!! Not as much as me, but loved them non the less. I was exstatic that people were shouting out the words, seriously, you have no idea how much that surprised me. And they were throwing their hands up in the air, and they were bouncing up and down, and screaming and shouting, and you could tell EVERYONE was having a good time. That kind of enviorment made the night sooooooooo much cooler.

Some of the highlights of the night, in the order that I remember them, but not necessarily the order that they happened in: Durring the middle of Froggie, Chris took a wicked bass solo that went on for sooo long!!! It was the coolest thing ever, I'd never heard him do any variation of it durring froggie before. It was incredible! I mean it was so long... he got down on his knees, and busted it out low to the ground, bobbing his head and grooving at the top of the guitar neck, doodlign around. It was sooooo long, he kept going and going... that when he finally went back to the song, he couldnt remember where he left off! He jumped ahead to "he goes to fill that one last perscrip- err, wait a minute, hang on, I mean, the shows over, the crowd is gone, his make ups all been sweated off," Hehehe, it was cool. Durring Kitty, chris invited to girls, one from both sides of the stage to come up and meow about half way through. They were both hot, and made even hotter by being on stage jamming to kitty. It reminded me of primary peaches a little seeing them invite people on stage. I got a picture of them, I'll try to post them some time soon. At the end of naked and famous... when they do the extended outro thing... where they keep jamming the last note over and over... dragging it out as long as they can... chris started doing it, then he says, "4 times" and they jam it 4 times. "7 times" and they jam it 7 times. "How many times?" he asks, and he points to some guy who holds up six fingers, and then he points to somebody else who holds up 10 fingers, and then everybody starts shouting out different numbers, and chris says, "6 plus 12, carry the one, plus another 10, divide it, multipyly it... ok, 41 times!!!" And then they jammed the last note 41 times (well I think they did, I tried to count in my head but I lost count) and then everybody cheered super loud!!!! It was soooo cool. Right before lunatic to love, Jason told the story of how he broke his ankle playing softball and stuff, which was cool to hear him talk. And speaking of Jason. Somepoint near the end of the set, two members from that chick band that opened the show came onstage ( i think durring video killed the radio star, and started to sing along) and then one of them went over to Jason and started to feed him beer! They poured beer in his mouth while he was drumming right in the middle of the song!!! It was the coolest thing, he is a super talented drummer, which must be why he is a proffesional rock and roll drummer. Lets see, what else. People shouted out songs a lot. I shouted out tremelo blues and useless crushes all night, but to no avail. I actaully dont think they could hear me (even from 3 rows back). I was screaming and could barely hear myself, which surprised me! But it sucked cuz I wanted them to hear me and play a song. They did hear somebody scream out, "play monkey river" to which chris replied, "how do you know about that song? Geez, you people are like the East Coast crowd" Which I thought was kind of funny. I couldnt hear a lot of the songs other people were requesting, but I heard Chris say a few times " I dont even remember how to play that song!"

What else can I say? They did all their signiture spots to the songs they played, including but not limmited to: Back Porch - Chickey on the drums followed by Jason Finn drum fill (I luv it when he actually does a fill) and also chris talked about retiring in San Diego sitting outside full of the wine, clapping, when the chickies and monkeys came out. Feather Pluckin had a Santa Ana version of I've Got a Feeling thrown in the middle, and was followed by Baby Your A Rich Man. Plus that song had the best crowd reaction to "BUT THATS TOTALLY, FEATHER PLUCKING INSANE" I mean they just screamed it. During Lump, they did the everybody solo, and they also ended it with the forest gump "and thats all I have to say about that" For lunatic to love, they didnt do "let me help you wipe the shit off your butt," they did the "you can hold my hand to stand up" but I shouted out Kurt Cobain anyways, but again, I dont think people could hear me over all the rowdiness. Durring peaches, chris said in one chorus, "millions of peaches... AC-DC" and then walked around the stage like Angus, and of coure my friend Chris marked out and banged his head. Poke and Destroy was by far the coolest new song. I can't wait to get a version of this for my own. I think this song was previously announced on the list as Point and Destroy, but I was able to verify that it is actually Poke and Destroy. On Highway forever, Chris did the "on the count of 3, ask what do you got" and he also took a pause in the song to say he wasn't going to drive another mile, before rocking to the end of the song. They said peaches was their last song, but when they went in the back, the crowd stayed put and went bezerk! I mean ape shit, screaming and clapping and hooting and hollering. Then someone started a USA chant among the insanity, and it caught on in a few seconds, and we seriously kept that chant going for like 2 minutes as loud as we could, that they had to come out and rock some more. "we know a few more songs" said chris when he came back! The encore was Poke and Destroy, then body, then we're not gonna make it... which I thought was going to end the show... but instead of playing the last note... they busted into Sex Pistols, PROBLEMS and played through that as fast as they could. And then when that song was over, instead of playing the last note, they finished We're not gonna make it, with the final line, looks like we made it!!!

Whew... what a show. Afterwards I was all hot and sweaty. So was C.B. durring the show, at one point he bent over to rock out, and sweat drops were just pouring off his bald head. He was so lively and interactive and fun, he and dave both jumped around, went out to the edge of the stage touched hands to the crowd. Both Jason and Dave headed back, but Chris stayed out front and Signed tons of autographs. He even gave somebody his sweaty towel! I waited till a bunch of people cleared out, then me and Jacqui went to say hello. I told him I loved the presidents soooo much, and I was so happy to see them play, and then I said something about how I'm nearly as big a fan as Mike Lyon and Jack (to see what reaction that would get) and he lit up and said, "oh you talk to those guys! cool. Whats your name again?" And I took a picture with chris, which is the only picture I have on my computer right now, so I will post it in the files section. Anyhow, it was just great great great. Everything was turning out great. And it was so good, I decided it will be worth it to spend another 45 dollars to see them play at the San Diego Festival tomorrow. So I think I need to get some sleep, and get my voice back, and all that stuff.

Good night ladies and gentleman. I'm Done.

Ben Gurner
2003-09-07 San Diego Street Scene 2003, San Diego, CA


2003-09-13 Redhook Brewery, Woodinville, WA


107.7 The End Birthday Bash hosted by Andy Savage and The Morning End
2003-09-18 Chilkoot Charlies, Anchorage, Alaska


2003-09-20 Anchorage, AK


2003-09-26 Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

Kitty / Video Killed The Radio Star (youtube)



"United Way Day Of Caring "Kick Off EVent"
2003-10-10 Plymouth Memorial Hall, Plymouth, MA


with The Spin Doctors
2003-10-11 The Pickle Barrel Night Club, Killington, VT


2003-10-17 Juneau, AK


2003-10-18 Blue Loon, Fairbanks, AK


2003-10-23 MTSU Tucker Theater, Murfreesboro, TN

Kick Out The Jams / Boll Weevil / Feather Pluckin' / Baby You're A Rich Man / Highway Forever / Naked And Famous / Lump / Dune Buggy / Some Postman Is Grooving / Old Man On The Back Porch / Jilted On The Tarmac / Stranger / Little Indian Princess / Lunatic To Love / Kitty / Mach 5 / Video Killed The Radio Star / Peaches / "Dave's Inspiration" / TV Eye / Candy / Tiki God / We're Not Gonna Make It / Problems / Outro - Drum Solo

Audience Tape
2003-10-29 Fox Sports Grill, Seattle, WA


2003-11-07 Key Arena, Seattle, WA


The Presidents played after the Supersonics VS Portland Trailblazers game.
2003-12-09 The Old Farmers Market, Los Angeles, CA


2003-12-10 The Viper Room, Los Angeles, CA


2003-12-20  Papa Charlie's, Lutsen Mountain, Lutsen, MN


Poster - PUSA / Presidents Of The USA


"This was a rawkus show, and, indeed, somebody was thrown through a plate-glass door at one point. This is not a lie - as confirmed by the band during the song "Bug City," which exists on an audience tape of the show."

Audience Tape