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2002 - Concert Dates

The Presidents Of The United States Of America (PUSA):

Lineup: Chris Ballew (Vocals, Basitar), Dave Dederer (Guitbass, Vocals) and Jason Finn (Drums, Vocals)

Chris and Tad (aka Chris and Tad show):

Lineup: Chris Ballew, Tad Hutchison

2002-04-12 The Rendezvous, Seattle, WA

Chris and Tad

The Rendezvous opening night party.


After six months of closed doors and extensive restoration, the Seattle landmark and well-known watering hole is reopening with a gala tonight.

Partners Jerry Everard (founder of the Crocodile Cafe), Steve Freeborn and Tia Matthies (co-founders of the OK Hotel) and Jane Kaplan have attempted to restore both the Rendezvous Cafe and The Jewel Box Theater (situated inside the cafe) to their original splendor.

The cafe was built in 1926. During the restoration process, the group used original fixtures when possible and reinstalled projection systems in the theater. Situated on Second Avenue in the heart of Belltown, the Rendezvous Cafe and Jewel Box Theater will play host to musical and theatrical acts as well as show films.

Tonight's festivities are free to the public and begin at 7 p.m. Chris Ballew and Tad Hutchison (formerly of The Presidents of the United States of America and The Young Fresh Fellows, respectively) will perform along with Bonnie Birch. Other surprise guest performances are planned.
2002-05-08 EMP, Seattle, WA

COMEDIC SHORTS FROM BUSTER KEATON With a live score by Chris Ballew and Tad Hutchison Accomplished musicians known for their live performance as well as their compositions for television and film, Chris (previously of The Presidents of the United States of America) and Tad (of The Young Fresh Fellows) have written new scores for some of Buster Keaton's classic slapstick shorts. Using drums and guitar, the duo will perform these beautiful, comedic pop melodies live. Advance tickets are available at EMP or by calling 206.770.2702 or 1.877.I-LISTEN Single admission $5 for EMP members/ $7 non-members. Optional double feature $7 for EMP members/ $10 non-members. No separate EMP admission required. CHRIS AND TAD play live to 3 BUSTER KEATON shorts on MAY 8 at EMP at 8pm!! Wednesday, MAY 8, 8:00 pm

2002-06-21 Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA


The Chris & Tad Show, Huge Spacebird, and The Young Fresh Fellows


The Chris & Tad Show To celebrate the Sunset's anniversary, Generaux threw a toga party on June 21st -- and everyone came. There were no ritual sacrifices, but bloodletting was the only thing missing from this free-for-all orgy of merriment, as three of the town's most popular bands -- The Chris & Tad Show, Huge Spacebird, and The Young Fresh Fellows -- put on one of the best rock shows of the year.

After Lena, one of the Sunset's elderly Norweigan regulars, began the festivities by warbling "God Bless America," former President Chris Ballew and YFF drummer Tad Hutchison made their entrance clad in space suits. With Ballew alternating between guitar and his "Orgatron" and Hutchison tapping away on a stripped-down kit (often with maracas), the duo flabbergasted and delighted the crowd with some truly inspired silliness. Singing seemingly-impromptu songs about Tang, acid-accented bus rides to Frisco, and devil worship, the pair demonstrated both their wit and capacity for absurdity. Ballew paid tribute to the mostly ignored toga theme, rocking his way through "Coliseum Party" and "Roman Rumble." During the latter, the avant-garde genius (now stripped down to a cowboy costume) ventured into the crowd with a digital recorder, persuaded a fan to sing the chorus, and returned to the mic, manipulating her digitized voice like a DJ scratching a record. This set-closing feat drew howls of laughter and wild cheering from the sweaty room.

2002-06-27 Market Theater Post Alley, under the Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA



Market Theater 8pm $7

w/ Chris Ballew (Presidents of United States of America) and Tad Hutchinson ( Young Fresh Fellows) Calling all Heroes and Villains! The tiny picture club boldly presents 14 films about you. It's 70 minutes of churlish renegades and champions of justice contending for supremacy of the universe - to the score of live music! Root for the Heroes. Root for the Villains... pull your underwear over your clothes or wax your black mustache then run, jump, or fly to see the tiny picture club's newest spectacle: HEROES and VILLAINS. Quarterly, the filmmakers of the tiny picture club put on a theme-based performance of entirely new films shot on Super 8 and shown with a Super 8 projector. Our HEROES and VILLAINS show is 70 minutes of short films, which are based on the subject of Heroes & Villains. For each show, we recruit musicians to compose a score to the entire series of films. Our H&V band is made up of the most ultra-fantastic musicians we could find who are capable of the most diverse range of powers possible (Chris and Tad).

2002-07-13 Club I Spy, Seattle, WA


Chris & Tad


Hey y'all... I went to I-Spy on Saturday night to see Chris and Tad. All indications seemed to be that they were headlining (for instance, their name was in big capital letters on the top of the showbill), so I decided not to go until later in the evening. I arrived at about 10:30, and what timing--the Orgatron 1 (didn't it used to be the 2000?) was up and stage, and Chris and Tad were almost up. Unfortunatley, that meant that they weren't the main act, and hence, we were treated to only a short set (7-8 songs?). Chris and Tad came out in these funky astronaut outfits--soft visor/helmets, and a weird soft full length suit (it was *hot* in the club--those suits must have sucked!). I think they started with the song "Chimpanaut Rock," with Chris jumping off the stage and running around in circles on the floor during a Tad solo about halfway through. Next song was "PNW Blu," and after that one they took off the suits, and went with a kind of cowboy getup. The next three songs were new ones, I think (at least, they were to me). Titles were--"I Remember You," "Jag-U-R," and "You Think You're Smart (But You're Not)." I'm guessing on those titles, of course. Actually, I think they mixed "Bread and Butter," and "Film Party" in between some of those new songs--but I think that was about it as far as the set. The crowd was really into the show, and both Chris and Tad did a lot of soloing throughout the songs (including an incredible Tad drum solo during...hmmmm...I think it was PNW Blu?). All in all, a great night, and a great show. Too bad they weren't really headlining...oh, well. That is all. - Peterson

Watch the PNW Blue from this show at Facebook

2002-08-25 Sand Point Magnuson Park outside the Community Activity center, Seattle, WA

Chris and Tad

Kids' Day concert by Chris and Tad.


Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange at Sand Point Magnuson Park will be presenting a series of free concerts every Sunday during July and August. The series closes on August 25th with a special day of concerts and activities dedicated to our younger audience. The dynamic musical duo of Chris + Tad featuring Young Fresh Fellows' drummer Tad Hutchison and Chris Ballew, formerly of the Presidents of the United States of America will make some silly music with a keyboard, drums, and a couple guitars.
2002-09-06 Town Hall, Seattle, WA

Redhook's 20th Anniversary Benefit Celebration  $19.82/$25

Chris and Tad Show

with Freddie Pink, Rock-a-Raok
2002-10-31 The Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA

[Intro] / Chimp / Made Up My Mind / NASA Blues / Jet Colony 4 (You Saved My Life Again) / "The Eagle Has Landed" / AC Delco (You Charge Me Up) / Jilted / Film Party / Got The Blue / Shake Your Magazine / Mild Letdown / Stay With Me

The Chris and Tad Show (opening)

with The Softboys


So the opening act, the Chris and Tad Show, were Chris Ballew from the Presidents, and tad from the Fellows. they came out in NASA space-outfits, and performed a well-choreographed lighting of the candles on Chris' keyboard, using these weird pincer devices -- as the Chariots Of Fire theme played. they then performed songs and told stories about life in space -- very funny yet very rocking (but different in that Chris was now playing guitar rather than the keyboard). mid-show, they stripped off their space outfits to reveal matching cowboy duds, and the rest of the show was songs and stories about life as a cowboy. again, very funny yet very rocking. later, some fegs opined that there had been too many space-life songs, and some that there had been too few.

During the closing number, Chris left the stage and let tad take a drum solo. tad didn't have the swinging cymbal we all fell in love with last tour, but he did have a small snare that he spun 'round throughout the show, and even disengaged and dropped at one point. during the solo, Chris worked his way through the crowd, and then climbed back onto the stage, whereon tad left to let Chris perform the blowout finale, in which he came perilously close to setting his cowboy hat afire with the aforementioned candles.

incredibly enjoyable set. - WOJ"

2002 - Chris And Tad Show  (Chris Ballew, Presidents Of The USA, PUSA)

Photo Credits: Ms. Miriam Moore
2002-12-31 The Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA


PUSA New Years Eve Reunion!

with The Divorce, The Fitness, Anna Oxygen


That's right, those Presidents, making a very rare appearance at the Crocodile. Rejoice. Crocodile Cafe, 2200 Second Ave, 9 pm, 441-5611, $20.


I better review later I am late for work.

After the subset song Chris said something about... that guy being on our next record.

from the setlist. not checked yet

Lunatic to love
Feather Pluckn
Back Porch
F**k California
Dune Buggy
Tiki God
Boll Weevil
Tiger Bomb
Bug City
Mach 5
Not gonna...

I am pretty sure the end is different from the set list. i think.


"Bath of fire" and "Carolyn's booty" were on the set list but not played, two other songs were played during the encore instead, one was the Subset song (not sure of the name of it) and can't remember the other, sorry

The New Years Eve showed rocked! Dave and Chris hung out in the restaurant and chatted with the fans before the show started. The band took the stage wearing suits about 10 minutes before midnight with a case of champagne and passed out and filled cups for us. Everyone counted down to midnight, then they started the show with "Kick out the jams"...the first of an almost 30 song set that ended with "We're not gonna take it". I got Jason's set list and will try to scan and post it to teh yahoo site soon. It was pretty much the same set they usually did, except they added a Chris & Tad and a Subset song, and a couple of different cover tunes. Chris also mentioned to keep an eye out for more shows in the future, but nothing was mentioned of an actual tour

"Burden in my hand" (Soundgarden I think), "Mom" (?), and the usual snippet of "Baby you're a rich man", and my brain isn't fully functioning yet, but I think the other snippet was "Groove is in the heart".